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Head/Back Ache and general feeling of unwell
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Head/Back Ache and general feeling of unwell

For the past month i have been getting a headache in the back of my head and it can also go down my neck right down my spine to the very bottom and i have also felt weakness in my arms and legs. I have been to my doctor about this hundreds of times i have seen 5 different GPs none of which are concerned about my symptoms they have felt my spine, neck and made sure i have movement and strength in my limbs and also checked my reflexes which have also been very good. The answers i have had off them is posture/tension headache/muscle tension/inflammation.
For the past couple of weeks i keep getting a general feeling of being unwell usually a sore throat and feeling of tiredness and a cold feeling all over my body, i just feel like i am about to come down with the flu or a heavy cold but after i sleep i usually wake up fine.
This weekend, the pain got so bad in the back of my neck and back i went to the hospital the doctor checked me over and said my examination was fine but he was a bit concerned about my leg weakness so they kept me in for the night they did a blood test for blood count and some other things which i am not sure what it was. Bloods came back fine and i saw 3 different doctors who all looked into my eyes and checked my strenth in my legs and arms and also my reflexes everything was fine and they sent me home the next morning. The consultant said without a doubt there is nothing at all serious happening.
I also can get a rash over the area which is hurting. Usually it it red and blotchy sometimes it can look like i have been scratching myself and it comes out in a lot of red lines which is tender to the touch. My doctors have all said this is just an anxious rash. I came out in a rash last night it looks like lots of red lines on my neck and up to my hairline (possibly goes further but because of my hair i cant tell) and i also have a patch in between my shoulder blades. It is tender to the touch almost like a feeling of being bruised.
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You have had a comprehensive evaluation including multiple specialists.  

A neurology referral should be done to image the brain for masses, AVMs or bleed.  An MRI, MRA of the cerebral arteries, or CT scan should be done.  

If negative, you can consider a rheumatologic referral and further testing.  With the evidence of the rash, things like lupus.  Blood tests to look at the ANA level and rheumatoid factor should be done.  

If the rash persists and the tests remain negative, a biopsy of the skin lesion would give a more definitive diagnosis.  

These options can be discussed with your personal physician or appropriate specialist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I saw my GP who said not to worry and gave me a cream to use on it. When the rash appears, sometimes it can go as quickly as it comes other times it can hang around for days. None of the doctors are concerned about the rash they all say anxiety but i am convinced the rash is to do with this back/head pain i am getting. I am also pretty sure that this general feeling of unwellness is also to do with the back or head pain.
I have accepted that it probably is not something serious because as my GP told me this morning, they would have picked up on any infections/diseases in the hospital, but i am still convinced that it is a bit more than just anxiety/muscle tension that is causing these feelings.
I admit i do suffer with anxiety ever since suffering with costochondritis at the end of last year/beginning of this year.
Although it may not be anything serious i would like to get to the bottom of this and get well again. I know you cannot diagnose over the internet but even if you could give me some different suggestions that i could go back to my doctor with?
All the doctors come out with is muscle pain/anxiety and the feeling of unwell being a virus or just being run down with my anxiety.

All the tests i have had in the past 6 months include:
Multiple ECGs
Chest Xrays
Blood tests (blood count, troponin, d dimers, sugar levels etc)
These were relating to my costochondritis chest pain to rule out any heart issues

Also i am 21yr old female. No other health issues before the costochondritis it is only since then that i never have seemed to be totally back to 100% health.

Many thanks
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Sorry i forgot to add the pain is not constant, but since thursday/friday last week i have had discomfort in one way or another almost constantly, whether it be pain or just a general feeling of unwell with weakness/aching in my arms and legs right to the tips of my fingers and toes.
I am almost at my wits end with it i do not know where to turn next. I have had checks in the hospital to rule out anything serious but i still feel there is something wrong causing these symptoms but my GP seems to dismiss them which is very frustrating.

Thanks for your time
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Have your GP order an ultrasound of your abdomen. My daughter had chest pain, headaches,etc.. for almost a year and they all came up with costochondritus(sp). She had bone scans, ekg, heart scans, blood tests, xrays and too many ER visits to count. They wanted to do an endoscopy and my daughter refused (mind you she was 12) the doc said they needed to do an ultrasound first anyway. Well it showed she had gall bladder disease, yes at 12 it's rare. All of the pain was what is called refered pain. She had a simple laporoscopy to remove said gall bladder and she fine now. It can't hurt to ask for the US. It's cheap and non invasive. Good luck
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