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Low Body Temp,Low BP, Overall lethargy and weakness
29yr old male. Over the last 12 months I have been having weird issues with anxiety to the point of Panic attacks. I managed to get things under control by resting and seeing a counselor. This problem grew about 3-4 weeks ago when ragweed season started. It was a Friday night and I was having problems breathing like I couldn't catch my breath which lead to me not eating supper and spiraling into anxiety for most of the night. Now it has become a daily issue since that time. I have started having neck pain where the occipital bone at the back of the head and Cervical vertebra 1 connect. Usually I am in class, Anatomy and Physiology ironically enough and I start having neck pain, sore throat and then I start having problems taking a normal breath. Since breathing is my best method to combating my anxiety it has become fairly hard to function and keep the attacks at bay. I am now seeing a doctor and we are doing test but I do not have any results yet. the things I feel are off is the fact that my body temperature is so low. Has been at 96.5 for a while and sometimes it goes to the low 97's. My blood pressure is usually fairly low as well and I feel like this would explain why I get dizzy and then feel like my heart is racing seconds later.
Other symptoms; my feet sweat and I change socks about 3-5 times per day, my throat is irritated and has some redness on the sides(started a little before my breathing problems and still have it now), my left ear feels itchy and has been on and off for at least 2 weeks. I usually always have soft stool or diarrhea. I am tired and don't really feel like doing much.

Overall I just do not feel right. I would love to get my life back and be able to just live a normal life. Does anyone have similar symptoms? I have read and been told that I might have a thyroid problem, irritable bowel syndrome, problem with my Ileo-cecal valve staying open.

I should have my blood test back this week which should shed more light on the subject
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