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Neck MRI
I recently got an MRI done on my neck and the report indicated that it was somewhat limited by motion (breathing motion).  I have been battling chronic unexplained illness for about 3 years, and have many symptoms such as a dry numb patch at back of throat, nausea, swallowing problems at times, tinnitus, some tingling or puffiness of hands, headaches, stiff neck at times, unexplained weight loss and tightness in face around mouth.  I also have been getting some tiny pinpoint red dots on a finger or two (not sure if this means much).  

Anyway, the only thing revealed on the MRI was a tiny syrinx which is a small cyst within the spinal cord.  Apparently most cases of this, which are supposedly very rare, are a result of the Chiari Malformation of the brain.  However this was not indicated on the MRI results.  Regardless, it is not of great concern to the doctor at this time, even though my symptoms point to my nervous system from what I gather.

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with this malformation?  Could it have been missed on the MRI possibly? Symptoms?
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