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Symptoms for 18 years now..Unexplained...
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Symptoms for 18 years now..Unexplained...

Ok, I have seen a few things on here that seem very similar to me. However, there are also things that do not fit so I decided to post my own topic.
I have had this problem since I was about 9 years old. I am now 27. It has come back with a vengance after only a short time (9 months) of nothing really gong on.
Close to the underneath right side of my ribcage more toward the back extending through the Kidney area.
note* no pain in the front resulting from this pain.

Pain. Lots of pain. It takes my breath away and only seems to be really bad when I am walking, standing, running, etc.
Sitting down tends to make it feel better but not always.
I get sweaty,not the hot sweat like it is too hot but the "clammy" sweats. Only when the pain is getting unbearable.
Nausea always happens too
Sudden and extreme fatigue almost as if my body is saying "This is too hard let's just go to sleep"
hmmm...let me think.the pan I feel is like a twisting/muscle/dull/constant/pulsating(though not really pulsating)/radiating pain. I can't even really describe it.
Does not seem to relate to what I eat or when i eat. the pain is constant. No real change in bowel habits but as I get older I do have problems with constipation and severe bloating.
There are so many other things that seem to happen but I am at a loss right now. I am sorry. I have been dealing with this for so long I have almost given up hope. I have been given every test under the sun and most doctors are completetly happy with diagnosing me with Kidney infection. However, I have been on antibiotics for 20 days now. Urine test showed that I had a UTI with blood in my urine. 1st anti biotic was Cipro. 2 tabs a day for 10 days. Nothing. No help. Follow up Urine test showed that I had some really nasty urine still. so, they then put me on Bactrum. 2 a day for 10 days. Just finished my last one today and the pain is at its worse again. I really hads to take it easy at work today becuase it was hurting pretty bad. Sometimes I thin the doctrs have a hard time understanding just how bad this actually hurts because i have had to deal with it for so long I am mearly coping with it and have been exhaughsted by treatments that don't work and even the disinterest to find out why this is happing and what is causing it. I went through my faze of feelng like it was some "growng pain". My urine is still showing that I have somethign going on. Blood tests, CT's, MRI's, etc..every test so far shows nothing. Just the urine test. Urine culture came back fine. Urine test show an infection still. I have been on antibiotics for 20 days now to treat this.  
Please, somebody help me. There has to be an explaination for this right? It effectss my everyday life! I can't enjoy things because I get to hurting so bad I have to take a break. Whenit happens you can see my eyes get big circles around them and I get dark circles like I am so exhaughsted. Because I am. I just want this to go away. I am going to see my doctor again on Friday. Any suggestions?
Thank you for taking the time to read this.  
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Hello Mary,

It is quite painful to read the suffering that you have to go through.The possibilities of kidney and urinary infections have already been explored by your doctors.The other possibilities that are coming to my mind are multiple myeloma ,diseases of the spine, Ankylosing spondylarthritis,degenerative disc diseases and spinal tumors.

Multiple myeloma is a tumor of the bone cells and typically presents with severe pain in the back and radiating to the lumbar region. It is diagnosed by Electrophoresis (EP) which measures the levels of various proteins in the blood or urine.Bone scans and bone marrow biopsy are also sometimes helpful in confirming.

I sincerely advise you to discuss these possibilities with your doctors.

Hope this helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional doubts.

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Thank you so much for this info and I will discuss this with my doctor tomorrow. I did my urine test again today to see if anything was going on still after the second round of antibiotics were done and it hasn't fazed it at all. The tests come back with the exact same reading as they have the last 2 times. Completely unfazed.
I thank you so much! These are terms that I have never even heard used! I will be discussing these with them! I am going to write them down and take it in with me!
You have no idea how much it means to me that you have even taken the time to read this and put in your input. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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