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Testicular Pain
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Testicular Pain

Please help..I have been suffering from testicular pain for about 5 months now.  The first symptom that arose was when it felt uncomfortable to urinate.  It seemed like a burning sensation but it might be more like a pressure pain I'm unsure, it's only a slight discomfort.  The other initial symptom was itchiness in the groin area.  This went away after a few days but I had recently had unprotected sex so I was paranoid that I had an STI.  I went to a clinic and had it checked out and the results showed that I was negative for STIs.  

About a month later I felt this   After that I felt an intense pain in my left testicle.  It felt like my testicle was very heavy and straining the tubes that were attached to it.  The pain came in waves and each were very intense.  This lasted for about a week or two.  I believe at the time it looked like there were a "bag of worms" in the scrotum, and also that they were enlarged.  The pain has since lessened, The tubes do still look enlarged.  

I went to a family practice APRN and she said it looked like it might be epididymitis.  She prescribed me an antibiotic, I took them as directed, and it did not work.  She also said she did not believe it to be a hernia.  What could this be?
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Epididymitis sometimes requires more than one course of antibiotics.

Itchiness in the groin area can be fungal related.  As you had been on antibiotics, this could be the reason for getting a fungal problem.  Antibiotics destroy the good as well as the bad bacteria and when this happens, fungal problems can get out of control.  

Your doctor can prescribe antifungal creams to apply to the skin and/or antifungal capsules to take by mouth.  You can also purchase these without a prescription at the pharmacy and the pharmacist will be able to help you with that.  

Make sure that you wash regularly and wear clean underwear ever day.  Avoid using soaps as soaps can dry out the delicate skin in that area causing more itching.  You can purchase soaps that have a pH level like our skin or emollients that can be purchased from the pharmacy without a prescription that can be used as a substitute for soap.

Always wash your hands before touch your genitals and always wash your hands every time you use the toilet.

As a home remedy for itching in your private area, after washing and gently trying, you can apply natural set yogurt.  You can apply it thickly before going to bed, and use it anytime and for as long as is required.  There are no side effects from doing this.

You must make an urgent appointment to see the doctor again as you may require more antibiotics.  Also ask the doctor to refer you to a urologist so that he can run all the necessary tests to rule out any thing else that could be the cause of your problem.  

Men can get testicular cancer and if caught early can be treated successfully.

Best wishes.
Hello pain_name,

If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you several questions in order to help find a possible cause.

1. Is pain in one or both testes?(Please list which one starting from the beginning of initial symptoms)

2. Did the initial onset come on suddenly or gradually?

3. Any fever?(For all of these questions, please answer all starting from the very beginning)

4. Painful urination?

5.Any penis discharge?

6. Did these symptoms start after an injury?

7. Did these symptoms start after excessive straining or lifting?

8. Sexual contact within the last year?(List how many times, how many partners, and how often you had unprotected sex)

9. Purpuric rash?(This is known as red or purple discolorations on the skin that do not turn "whitish" when pressed on, and are usually pretty dark, and are not elevated)

10. Symptoms such as abdominal pain and joint pain?

11. Symptoms such as scrotum mass that comes and goes, and/or groin swelling?

12. Symptoms such as fever and parotid gland swelling?(Parotid gland is a large gland in between your mouth and ear, on both sides)

13. Any symptoms such as pain in your sides or back, or blood in your urine?

14. Past and/or current medical history?(Please list any condition you have had or still have)

15. Do you have Diabetes?

16. Have you ever been diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease?

17. Tenderness or any masses in your abdomen, bladder, or both?

18. Any swollen lymph nodes, swelling, or redness of skin in your groin area?

19. Any ulcers, penile discharge, or tattoos on penis?

20. Any redness or discoloration of testes?

21. Positioning of testes?(Obviously, testes that are horizontal and symmetrical are normal, please note the exact positioning such as one being significantly higher than the other)

22. Any swelling or tenderness of the testes, and/or the cord/s that hold the testes?(This would be between the bottom of the penis and the testes?

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