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extreme lower left side pain
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extreme lower left side pain

My best friend Bud is 59 (he refuses to go to the doctor) has been having mild to severe pain in his lower left side down to his groin area. I touched the left abdominal area during the worst of it;for comparison I also touched the right side and there were definite differences. Unlike his right side,the left side had become hardened and with slight bulging. He breaks out in a sweat,is in excruciating pain at different times of the day. He's stated that when he has a full bladder it only trickles out during urination.Prior to this he had been complaining of lower back pain shooting down his leg. All of this has been over a 12 month period.I'm beyond concerned and was wanting some kind of a direction towards what this may be so that I may present him with a more realistic answer that may get him to go to a doctor on his own?!
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He does need to see his family doctor for an evaluation and a physical examination, before he ends up in the emergency room.

The difficulty with urination may be prostate problems or might be a urinary tract infection.

Pain in the left lower quadrant is common before passing a bowel movement, since the large bowel descends on the person's left side to the rectum and the anus.
However, what you describe sounds like something else.

A large bulge in the groin area might be a hernia.
Pain in the lower abdominal area, with rigidity of the muscles, may be due to an infection, an abcess (abscess), a bowel obstruction.

If he has an infection, his temperature probably would be elevated, and a blood test would show elevated levels of white blood cells, which fight infection.

His doctor would ask him about his digestion and his bowel movements.  He might give him a kit to get a stool specimen to be checked for blood.

He would get a urine specimen, which would be tested for bacteria and for blood, among other things.

If the doctor thinks the prostate is involved, he can do a digital check of that.
He would be wearing gloves, and use a lubricant like KY gel.
The patient is instructed to "bear down," which helps to relax the anal spincter.
The doctor can feel the back surface of the prostate through the wall of the rectum.  He checks to see that it is small and smooth.

The urine in the bladder passes down the urethra to exit the body. In the male, the prostate surrounds the urethra just below the bladder.  If it enlarges (benign prostatic hypertrophy) the man may have difficulty emptying his bladder.  
Urine retained in the bladder for a long time might start a bladder infection.
This is a common problem for older men.

A doctor can tell alot by palpating the abdomon.
If there is anything unusual, he can order a scan to check the abdominal organs.
Blood tests can evaluate if things are "out of whack."

If all this has been going on for a year, then it's not getting better on its own, and he needs to see a doctor.
Of course, no one can force him.

I've known people who refused to see a doctor because they were scared to death that they might have a serious problem, like cancer.
Well, yes, that is possible, but there are many other things that can cause problems.  

Your friend sounds like a "stubborn old coot."   ; )
As long as you are nagging him to see a doctor, he will probably resist.
You can tell him that you care about him, and hope that he will take care of himself, but his health is HIS responsibility.
Tell him that you won't nag him about it anymore, and if he should come to a decision, to let you know.

THEN....leave him alone.
Don't keep inquiring about the problems.
I mean, it IS his responsibility, he's an adult, and has been taking care of himself all these years.

Once the pressure is off from other people, he may think about it and decide he needs to make a doctor's appointment.
If he asks you to make the call, or to come with him to the appointment, that's fine, it's his decision.

If he still resists, and chooses not to seek medical attention, that is his choice.
Of course, if he becomes unconcious, you should call an ambulance.  

I hope this guy has his will in order.

Wishing you the best,
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Dear Carol,
I have been having the same pain now for more then 10 years. I have pain so bad that all I want to do is die.
I hurts all the time, half the time I think it’s my bladder and the other time I think it’s in my stomach? I have been to endless Uro. docs. Gastro, Gen. Pract. Phys. I have had CT’s MRI’s, Xrays...you name it. Every test in the book, you name it. Everything comes back OK, thank God....No STD’s, Cancer, I have been on every antiobic I think they make. nothing helps...they can’t find anything...
I have been taking Ultram 50 mg. 6-8 times a day, some times I take 10-12 pills a day before I get any relief,  I had my prostate checked and it’s fine. I think I’s losing it lately. My wife left me becasue of it, I think I may loss my job now if things don’t get better. stress sometimes makes it worse, or when I’m having a stress fultime at work the pain get bad.
If I don’t take anything for the pain... I can’t function.  I hope your friend can get some help too...I know what he is going though.
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This thread was started more than a year and a half ago, and the author never posted further developments with her friend's problems.

I'm sorry that you're having such terrible pain.  I don't really know what to tell you, as it sounds like you've been examined by many doctors.
Are you having any other symptoms besides abdominal pain.
Fever, loss of appetite, changes in stool or urine.
Headaches, cognitive problems, muscle twitching or other muscle problems.
Interstitial cystitis can cause bladder problems with intense pain.
There is so much involved with evaluating someone new.
If I see a pattern that I recognize, I try to point the person in the right direction.

Wishing you the best,
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Dear Ben,
I can sympathize with your situation, as I feel the exact same way. However being a female, my doctor's went the other way and performed a hysterectomy, however, this did not relieve the pain. I have also been to several doctors and had many tests, medications and trips to the emergency room, due to unimaginable pain. I was recently told to have my lower back and hip looked at for possible testing to see if there may be something wrong there. I do have lower back pain that radiates to my hips, so maybe there could be a solution there. I'm crossing my fingers. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and hopefully better days are ahead.
Take Care, Martha
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I have, over the past few months, developed a sharp stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen, down down low almost on my hip. It feels like a hot knife, it ebbs and flows, lasting for hours. Sometimes its just uncomfortable, sometimes it hurts so much that I cannot move and can only cry. I can't afford to see a doctor, or go to the emergency room, or even properly ask a professional. Can anyone tell me what this may be?
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