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Microscopic Hematuria, Lower Left Adbdomen Discomfort
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Microscopic Hematuria, Lower Left Adbdomen Discomfort

I am a 26 year old male with microscopic hematuria. Before I went to any doctor, I was feeling this weird discomfort in my lower abdomen. It felt like I was wearing a tight belt. I thought it was constipation so I drastically went on a high fiber diet. After that I was able to have a proper bowel movement for 7 days straight, but the weird discomfort was still there.

This time, I was able to pinpoint the location at my lower left abdomen. It feels like something is swollen there whenever I bend to the left side while standing with my legs straight. I don't feel any severe pain, just that weird feeling that something is either swollen or getting stuck on my lower left abdomen. I especially feel it when I slouch or I bend over to my front-left side.

I went to a urologist and after an ultrasound test, he said that the size of my prostate is almost above normal. He also gave me a uroflowmetry test and the results showed that the strength of my urine flow is lower than the average, so he said that I might have a prostate problem and it might also be the reason for the symptoms I was feeling.

After about 3 weeks he gave me different antibiotics, the first ones were the prostate relaxant and an antibacterial medicine, and the next one was something to clean my urinary tract. After I took these medicines, I still had microscopic hematuria and my lower left abdomen discomfort was still present. The doctor also said that I might need cystocopy in order to trace the source of bleeding.

What could the possible causes of these symptoms I have?

After long, careful thinking and reflection, I feel like excessive ejaculation (4 to 7 times in a week) might be the cause of my problem, since I have been doing it for more than 7 years. But I have stopped for more than a week now and I still have microscopic hematuria and my lower abdomen discomfort. I don't take drugs, I don't smoke, although I have an unhealthy diet (meat lover).
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As your prostate is enlarged the antibiotics are unlikely to have any effect to get it shrunk to normal, but will have killed of any bacterial infection.

After the test you get, if there is no other cause found for the blood in the urine, your urologist will most likely prescribe a hormone medication for you to take to shrink the prostate gland.  He will keep an eye on you to make sure it is working.

best wishes
Thanks for your reply.

Do you also think that my lower left abdomen discomfort could be due to the enlargement of the prostate? Could it also be a possible sign of a tumor that wasn't detected on ultrasound?

I've been really worrying about this for that past few days. My urologist also said that the cystoscopy procedure would cost me about $1,200, which also adds to my anxiety. Could there be a less costly alternative for a cystoscopy?

I forgot to mention that I do not feel any pain or burning during urination, and that the ultrasound test didn't report anything unusual. I just have this like yellowish urine once a day (after careful observation), and most of the time a weak urine flow that comes with it, although it's not too weak. I also have no difficulty in passing my urine.
I live in the UK and I do not know anything about US medical help, sorry.

It is only by a cystoscopy that the urologist will be able to see what is going on inside your bladder and take a sample tissue if he sees any abnomality.  

As your urologist has alerady established that you have an enlarged prostate, he wants to make sure that there is nothing else going on inside your bladder.  If the inside of the bladder is fine, he will then more than likely start you on medication to reduce the size of the prostate.

I do not know of any alternatives, perhaps you could ask the urologist about this, or ask about spreading the cost rather than paying in one lump sum.  May be other people on the forums can help you with regard to finding a cheaper cystoscopy.

The yellowish urine is fine.  It usually indicates dehydration.  If you observe that your urine (do a sample in a jar) is very dark, or yellowy but cloudy, that usually indicates a problem in the urinary tract anywhere from the the kidney right down to the urethra (pipe that excretes your urine) and could indicate infection with or without blood (blood in the urinie is not always visible to the naked eye).  

Make sure you drink plenty of water 2-3 litres per day, more if you work out, sweat, etc., or follow the advice of your urologist.
If ur prostate is enlarged then immediately purchsse pumpking seed oil (pure) and purchase the saw palmettow + afrinum pygum + pumpkin seed or peppo seed capsules u can find them as natural or organic supplements.

But as ur young prostate enlargment is unlike

The funny thing is that I have very similar symptoms as u, I have urological problems (urine dribbling after urinating and sometimes frequent urination)  and I also have this annoying feelings on my abdomen and on my right side I have a pump and the ultra sound said it was just a mascule thats rolled over another muscle!! On the left side if I lean I see something appearing as a bigger pump!!

I have been taking capsules for the prostate health but I believe I have either bladder nurological stress or whats called non-bacterial prostatis, it is the only explaination for my urine dribbling and the latter cannot be cured nor with anti-bacterial or any other chemical medications though doctors will try and prescribe u anti-biotics!!

I have done ultra sound on my kidnies, bladder, prostate nothing is appearing!!

I believe Steroid cream that caused penile glans (glands) skin damage have further abused either my prostate or bladders function as I was under dramatic stress and strain which can affect the latter
Thanks for your advice guys.

Yes, my urologist said that cystoscopy is the best or most effective way of observing my bladder. I don't know if I could pay its cost in monthly installments. I forgot to mention that I live in the Philippines, and my urologist said it would cost about P50,000 (Philippine pesos) or about $1,200.

I had a check up 3 days ago and a urinalysis. There was no more trace of blood, but I could still feel my lower left abdomen discomfort. He gave me the prostate relaxant medicine again, and scheduled me for a uroflowmetry test, urinalysis, and PSA test after I consume the medicine.

I would say that I'm fine if the urinalysis says that I don't have hematuria anymore, but I still feel my abdomen discomfort. I asked my doctor if this could be a tumor or something serious, but he said that at my age, it is less likely and that it could be caused by something else. I sure hope it is.

What's really strange is that I don't feel any pain that I would consider as pain at all. It's just that every time I bend over to my front-left, I feel like there's a stiff or swollen muscle in there. Sometimes I also feel it when I wear tight pants and while sitting or slouching, but it's on and off so it's frustrating. I even stopped the bad habit of my excessive ejaculation because I strongly felt that it might probably be the cause of this, but I still feel this discomfort.
What do you mean by seeing a "pump" on your right side?

For me, I don't experience the "dribbling" urine, but what's making me curious is my once-a-day yellowish urine, and that sometimes I feel that my urine flow is slightly weak.

I too had an ultrasound test (pre and post void), but the only observation they found was that I had mild urinary retention.

Does stress really have an effect on our health? I also looked up that non-baterial prostatitis on the internet, and yes it can be caused by stress. I also assumed that it might be the cause for my discomfort, since my mother tragically died of ovarian cancer last October 2011 and I've been feeling helpless and depressed since then.
Sorry to hear that your mum died.  

As you are still feeling helpless and depressed, as well as your own health causing you anxiety, it is very likely that you are still in the phases of bereavement.  

When someone that has been close to you dies, it can take a very long time to come to terms with the loss.  You may benefit from bereavement counselling.  It took me 5 years to come to terms with my granny dying.  But it affects different people differently.  Some people never get over the loss of a loved one.

Best wishes

Thanks for your constant replies and concern.

Yes, my mother's death is something I don't think I can come to terms with, because she's the only person who loved me most. I had to stop college since I had to take over our family business (which is financially problematic) when she died. My father also passed away on 2002. I can't spend much time with my close friends since they've already graduated, have their own families, and have steady lives. I don't have anyone I'm open to talk to about my heavy emotional burden, so yeah you know how it feels, and this sickness makes it worse.

Anyway, I've been desperately searching the internet for symptoms of this discomfort I'm feeling, and I found this guy who I think perfectly described how I feel in my lower left abdomen:

"For 3 days, feeling a pressure in the lower left abdomain (like small balloon with air inside) - sometimes very small not really discenarble pain, sometimes like something in scratching inside the body at this part : lower left abdomen. Seems to be worst after meal, seems to be a bit better after bowel movements. no fever nor other symptom. Seems to be a bit worst under stressfull activity. Seems a bit better or worst (depends) after going to pee in the toilets. What is it ? How make it better ? What to do ?
Current diet : Grapes in morning, tea (3 a day), coffee (1 to 2 a day), chocolate at dessert (3 cookies at night, 1 chocolate at lunch) meals made of  salad, fish, vegetables or meat."

Source: http://www.justanswer.com/medical/5yp94-pressure-left-lower-abdomen.html

In reply to doctor Kaul:

Thank you for your thoughts ma'am. I'm sorry if I misled you, but I accidentally posted 2 topics here on the Urology community. I've had some earlier discussions here:


Here are some of the tests I've had.

- Ultrasound (pre and post void); result: aside from mild urinary retention, almost everything was normal, but the urologist told me that my prostate was almost above the normal size, so he gave me an antibiotic and a prostate relaxant

- Urinalysis (about 3 times); result: microscopic hematuria for the first few tests so the doctor gave me something to stop the bleeding. Then for my last test which was about  5 days ago, the trace of blood was gone, but my lower left abdomen discomfort was still there

- Creatinine blood test; result: normal

I found someone on the internet which perfectly described the weird feeling in my lower left abdomen as something like a "small balloon with air inside" whenever I bend over to my front-left side (you can see it in the other topic that I posted here). Somehow it's more of like a pressure feeling or a muscle pressure rather than pain.

There isn't any major pain at all, or something that I can consider as pain itself. Another observation is that I would have this strong yellow urine once or twice a day. Also, when I give a little push to the spot where I feel the discomfort (lower left abdomen, below my belly button), I wouldn't feel the pressure when I bend over.

What bothers me is that there are some days whenever I slouch or sit down on a chair, the muscles in my lower abdomen would feel tired or exhausted from sitting, and I would feel like I'm wearing tight pants.

I really don't know what this is and it's frustrating me and giving me anxiety. I've been feeling this since like late February. Could this really be a problem in my urinary tract, since I had microscopic hematuria, or could it be caused by something else?
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