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Fat lumps on hips
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Fat lumps on hips

Short of liposuction, how do i get rid of 'saddlebags' (i think they're called?) big fat humps on the side of each hip? My body looks deformed!!! I'm losing weight and everything has been shrinking except these humps. I'm scared of lipo too. Please help!!!
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There are loads of toning exercises that can target that area (however cardio will not target a specific area, it will make you lose weight all over). Well since the hips don't actually move, you have to tone all the areas around it, do lots of core, lower abb, and butt exercises. The best cardio for hips is probably skipping (jump rope), if you must do cardio.

Try belly dancing! You learn to isolate all of your body parts, ones that you don't even know you could actually move, but the part you should focus on is hip shimmies, and learning how to sway one hip side to side, without moving any part of your body, and keeping your core and everything else in place. You might be able to find classes, if not you can find belly dance dvd's to practice at home, or even look up belly dance online!

Also, act like a little girl and get a hoola hoop! Great for isolating the hip area.  

Here is a small list of some toning exercises, but you can easily find more:
Sit Up Crunches - lay on back, do a normal crunch, but reach your right hand to your right foot, keep core strong, you will be turning towards your feet for each repetition, and then stable your body up in the centre before laying back, and doing it again.

You can also do this same exercise with more intensity, by laying on your side on your bed with your torso hanging off the bed. Then use your core strength to lift your torso sideways, upwards to your hip as far as you can. Do repetitions and switch sides.

Do as many sit ups and crunches as you know - there are many different kinds.

Lower Abdominals: Lay on back, keep legs together straight out, and lift them up without using your hands, just use your core. Do this for as many times as you can.

Muay Thai Knees!: This is aerobic and strength at once, great for hips! Standing, you are going to first practice the technique. You want to bend your right knee in front of you, try to reach your chest or even better, your face, with one knee, then extend your knee as far to the right side as possible, so it looks like it is perfectly beside your hips, and you want to try and get your knee up to your shoulder.
Then do it as fast as you can! Kick your knee up and try to reach your own face, (please don't actually knee yourself in the face) then do it sideways.
Once you can hit your knee against your shoulder, switch from hitting one shoulder, then the other shoulder with your knee. You may look kind of goofy, but this is the best thing for hips ever.

The Butt: Squats, and lunges, and the best one, find a heavy weight, lay on your back, feet flat on the floor close together, put the weight on your hips, then clench your butt together as hard as you can and raise your butt in the air. It should like like you are slowly thrusting the air, and once you get tired, you want to increase the intensity by doing at least 20 more fast thrusts. Do lots of repetitions, and when you truly feel you can't take anymore, take the weight off, and raise one leg up in the air 10 times, set it down, and do the other leg. Feel the burn, haha.

Increase flexibility so you can open up your hips.

Learn to dance hip hop!!!! The best move i can recommend is learning to do the "matrix", stand up straight, then bend your upper body to the front, and go around in a circle. Do not do this if you have a bad back, because when you get to the back, you want to somewhat do a "bridge" while in the air, then round it off smoothly to the side and front again. Does wonders for the hips if you can isolate the upper body from them.
Or you can just do a bridge.

Good Luck!

I have the same type of saddlebags....... my favorite exercise is yoga.  Yoga is great for strengthening and lengthening the muscles.  Try "The Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss"; it will give you an excellent work out and will work on those saddlebags.  I think that's the one exercise I've done, that really worked.  
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