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Trouble getting started on a diet
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Trouble getting started on a diet

I've been struggling with my weight all of my life, overweight by 20-40 lbs. I know for health reasons I really need to lose weight. I have migraines that keep me from moving and suck all energy out of me and my asthma that does the same thing at times, usually alternating. I think I have my asthma in control, finally and my migraines are getting in control again. I also was doing well for most of last year, was keeping 10 pounds that I had lost off, until they zapped me with a megadose of steroids for a month over the winter hollidays to control my asthma, which I needed because I was really struggling but I gained ten pounds in that month :(. I've been off the steroids for almost 3 weeks now and not one stupid pound has come off in fact when I go to try to lose weight and go to a 12000  calorie diet...I gain weight!!!! Then when I stop I lose that weight plus some and then it evens out again.

In the fall I tried Weight Watchers and it didn't work, I tried it before with great success, losing 30 lbs and keeping it off for years, then my sr year in college and my first few years teaching gained it all back plus some :(. I don't know if its their changed program that I don't like or the fact that my husband wasn't dieting with me at the time that made me fail. I just don't know what to do!! My husband is trying to lose weight to go into the military (only needing to lose 10 lbs) so I feel like now is the time but I just don't know the best diet for me! I tried the flat belly diet and that is when I was gaining weight. I don't like doing the south beach diet because I am always hungry. Any ideas/motivators?  Thanks so much!
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WELCOME, I happen to be online ..

YOU are in the perfect place ..... this is an awesome community where you will find tons of support and the inspiration we all need to get started.

Steroids are known to cause weight gain and retention... so Im glad you have been able to come off them....

I think if you get your diet right you will also notice a decrease in your migrains - for me COKE drinks were the biggie,

When you only have 30lbs or less to move it is hard -  your body likes to hang on to those surpless pounds as long as they can but there ware things you can do -  I appreciate your asthma effects how much exercise ou can do but you can do some.

I posted this list on another thread but think it will be good here too....

1) decide on a goal weight and/or goal measurements

2) decide on a goal date

3) Be realistic – you are aiming to lose 1-3lb a week

4) Plan your weeks menu on a weekend and then shop just to fulfil that menu – don’t buy the extra things that are tempting when you are craving, bored or emotional.

5) Don’t be too hard on yourself -  a bad meal or a bad day is not you off the wagon –it’s a bad day which can be rectified with tomorrows efforts.

6) Eat smaller portions and eat better -  try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables but don’t cut out any food group -  your body needs carbs, protein, sugar, dairy and yes even fats….be sensible and eat in a way you can eat for the rest of your life-  you are making lifestyle changes not going on a diet with a beginning and end date.

7) MOVE – better eating is a start but your body needs to work harder to lose and sustain the weight loss… your body will quickly adapt to the fuel you put in it -  so keep it surprised.

8) Remember cardio like running, biking, jogging, walking, jumping, jump ropeing raises your heart rate which burns calories faster  - stretching and weights tones your body and helps build muscles which weigh heavier but require more calories to work so more muscle = more calories burned every day.

9) Find things to do you enjoy – if you hate the gym, don’t go… there are lots of exercise videos on Utube that you can do at home that will work just as well.

10) Drink more fluids -  try to drink one glass of water every hour you are awake-  keeps the system flushed -  your metabolism up and your organs working better also staves off hunger feelings.

11) Sleep/rest in bed for 8 hours in 24 where possible.

12) Don’t sit still for more than 30 mins -  even if you are just walking up and down stairs a couple of times.

13) Lean on family and friends for support

14) Avoid situations where you don’t feel in control of your intake.

Good luck :) YOU can do this :)
I seen this a little about diets and the mindset for a diet to work so you can really lose weight dieting
So sorry you were on steriods.  I imagine that you ended up on a taper.  It still takes time for your body to return to its normal state after taking steriods.  They alter glucose in the body which in turns alters how you metabolize foods and fats.  Hopefully you will not have to go back on the steriods.

Good luck with everything.  My hardest part is the diet.  I love to exercise and haven't been able to go lately due to being sick and my son being sick.  All is better this week and hit the gym three days this week.  Its going to take a huge effort.  Stick to it and it will eventually come.  Even if the weight doesn't come off you are still strengthing the muscles in your heart and opening up your lungs.  

tgal, the only way I personally can lose weight is NOT by some formal diet or weight-loss plan.  It has to be something I can do for the rest of my life.  Start with something SMALL that you KNOW you CAN do NOW!

What are you WILLING to START doing?  Is it get more active for 30 minutes/5 days/week?  GO FOR IT!

What are you willing to STOP doing?  Is it ONE high-calorie snack or condiment that you really can replace or do without???  START WITH THAT!

Once you have that going for - set a goal - a week, a month?  Add 1 more activity/take away/replace one more food you can live without.  

SMALL STEPS work best for some of us.  

Of course, if you KNOW you are the "tell me exactly what to eat and when to eat it" kind of girl, by all means, GO FOR WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.  I'm just telling you what works/doesn't work for me.  

I know I have to learn a lifestyle.  And, I need my friends on here.  Stick around!!!
I've started a counting my calories and on the days where I have energy I'm trying to be more active. If I go slightly over my calories I'm not freaking out but I would really like to lose 20 pounds by  the end of the school year. Yesterday I did really well, eating around 1,800 calories and drinking 8 cups of water. But when I stepped on the scale this morning I GAINED .2 lbs! I feel skinnier though so I'm going to stick with it for about a week and keep trying. I think part of my struggles is I had to go on steroids last week for migraines so I think I'm still very sensitive to salt and I ate a higher salt content dinner than I meant to.. stupid cold cuts! Its hard to be healthy and low calorie at the same time! Thanks for the continuing advice and support it has been helpful and I'm sure I will continue to need it!
I cannot take steroids because when I go off of them I get migraines.  I understand you need them for asthma sometimes, but you mentioned taking them for migraines...  Just a thought.
I'm switching neurologists because I have discovered my migraines are because of a misaligned spine, all the meds in the world won't help. I'm seeing a chiropractor (I've gone to off and on since high school) and it is helping but I waited a long time to go because my neurologist recommended against it when I asked what he thought, my chiropractor said it is almost like a whiplash injury my misalignment is so bad.

I'm trying to get off of most of my medication and I am pretty much swearing off steroids! I know they were giving me daily headaches when I was on them, the taper off took forever! I always give dr's a hard time when they want to put me on them even though I am pretty sick when they are offering them to me.

I should correct my last entry I gained 1.2 pounds on my first day dieting, I think its because I forgot to watch my salt. We will see tomorrow morning I guess! I'm going to give it a week this time instead of giving up after one or two days like I have in the past.

Thanks again everyone!

Hang in there!  We have a super gal on here, Barb135, who has a ton of health issues. She hangs tough with all her stuff.  YOU CAN, too.  Just keep posting.  We'll talk you through it.  

Take care, okay?
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