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I noticed about 5 months ago that i was too heavy so i decided to do something about it. I'm  34, 6'6" Tall and when i started I was 282lbs with 29% body fat.
I decided to do everything right. I went to a dietitian who put me on a 30/30/40 eating plan. My friend is a physical trainer so he set me up with a workout schedule. I go to the gym 5 days a week every morning before work for an hour (i can't do longer or i get stuck in rush hour). I split this hour 50/50 between cardio (mostly running on the treadmill) and weightlifting.
I have now kept up this routine (changing up the cardio and weight activities) for 5 months.
I have a fitness review at my gym at the end of every month, Now that i am 5 months in, I weigh 290 (increase of 8 lbs) and my bodyfat % has gone up to 30.6%. Apart from that almost NOTHING has changed apart from the fact that i'm lifting heavier weights and have much better cardio. But thats not the point, i wanted to trim down.
My trainer at the gym is baffled, i have no clue. It seems i'm doing everything right.
My mothers side of the family almost all have Thyroid problems either hyper or hypo. I got so flustered with this gym thing i just got a blood test today to see if there is something wrong with me.

I could really use any advice i could get right now guys. I'm really disheartened. I'm working so hard with little result.

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The first thing I would suggest is a trip to your MD, as you have done, for a general check up and thyroid test.  Once you have that information, there are other things to look at.

You may be gaining some muscle mass, and the most recent fat analysis could be slightly in error.  Those done in gyms with simple tape measurers can have a significant margin of error.  

Try journaling your food intake every day for the next 2 weeks.  And I mean every bite.  Weigh and measure closely for the next 2 weeks to be sure your portion sizes are consistent and accurate.   For example, I used to consider one of those frozen packaged chicken breasts to be 1 serving of meat.  Guess what?  Its closer to 2, when you weigh it.  A typical serving is about 3 ounces, and many of those frozen breasts are closer to 6 or 7 ounces.  
So weigh and measure for a while, until you see if what you are eating is portioned as your dietician suggested.

Look at your total caloric intake every day for a couple of weeks.  Is it enough, calorie-wise?  If you are not taking in enough actual calories to compensate for the work you are doing, your body may be hanging on to every morsel you eat.

Also look at what I call "unconscious" eating.  Its that eating you do without even noticing.  Who hasn't reached for a cookie at the office?  (if you're like me, you might break a cookie in half and not count it!)   Do you taste food when you're cooking (or if a significant other cooks)?  When you are eating out, do you count the bite you might take from your wifes (or significant others) plate?  Eat some chips/dip when out and not think about it b/c its only a bite or two?  
Unconscious eating can actually account for several hundred calories a day, and can be a significant source of unwanted grams of fat intake.  

Have a visit with your dietician friend to discuss the ratio's you are eating.  They might need to be changed.  You might need a bit higher protein and fewer carbs.  

These are just a few suggestions.  I'm sure other people will have more ideas.

Good luck!

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Hi Mace ~

Love your determination and effort; perhaps we can work with you to help you get on track with your goals.

Journaling is key.  Write down absolutely everything you eat or drink along with the coinciding emotion.  Keep the measure cup and spoons handy and if it goes past your lips, it gets written down.  Your calories need to be tracked for a time and you can use teh nutritional information on the side of the box OR you can go to a website like calorieking.com and look up the calorie content.  

According to your statistics, male, 34-year-old, 6 ft 6 in, and a very active lifestyle, your calorie content to MAINTAIN your weight is 3,650 calories.  An active lifestyle includes 30 min of exercise on most days and it would calculate to 3,100 calories a day.

A calorie deficit of 3,500 calories is needed to lose 1 pound.  If you target 2 lbs a week, somewhat aggressive, you would need to lower your calorie intake by 1,000 calories a day, leaving you with 2,650 calories.  Personally, have found that if you divide those calories into 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, it will keep your metabolism functioning and keep you feeling full.  Be sure with those workouts that you are eating some carbohydrates before your workout, protein afterwards and drinking plenty of water.

Your exercise mix is good, but you may want to change out the type of exercises - in other words, do not do the same routine day after day.  Our bodies adapt and they begin to anticipate your activity.  It is necessary to change up the exercise, the time or the intensity to continue experiencing the most benefit from your effort.

Definitely get your thyroid checked.  In reviewing your journal, you may also want to see if there are periods of time where you are eating more that is associated with a certain emotion.  If so, then a rescue plan needs to be implemented for that emotion.  Mine was sad and lonely, so I needed to think of things that made me happy and took me around others and implement them.

For the time being, you may also find it useful to keep a food diary in your daily journal.  Try using the weight tracker, the emotion tracker and the water tracker here on MedHelp as it will not only help you monitor these things, it will allow me to take a quick peek and perhaps provide you with a few other suggestions.  Hope you will stay on board here and allow us to share in your journey, offer assistance, support, friendship and encouragement.  There is strength in numbers.

Sunshine wishes and Supportive (((Hugs))) ... welcome to MedHelp!

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I appreciate the support Peekawho and Ranae.

I have been keeping close track of my calories on ****.*** for my last month now because i thought it was my eating habits. For that last month i have been sitting pretty balanced at 2500 calories or so with a 30% Fat/30% Pro/40% Carbs.
You would think, as Ranae pointed out, if i'm burning around 3,100 calories a day and i'm eating 2500 it would give me a daily deficit of 600 cals right?
But on that program for a month I gained fat.

I do shuffle up my gym exercises every week.

This whole experience is really making me sad. It would be nice to see some result for such hard work.

I think it has to be something else apart from diet and excercise.
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I hope there's another, fixable answer, but usually there is not.

Its usually extra calories coming in somewhere, or you are not burning as many calories as you think.  Most people underestimate the amount of their caloric intake, and over estimate the amount of calories they burn during exercise.

I subtract 10% from however many calories I think I burn, and add about 10% to what I believe I ate.  

Or there is perhaps something else going on.  Are you weighing and measuring?  There is a video I posted here that I'll try to bump to the top for you, about how tiny mismeasurings or estimating can add up quickly.  Check back, it was an eye opener for me!

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Just wanted you to know that you are not alone... if you look at my recent posts I've been at the same place as you for some time now.  I would say that you should definatly have your thyroid checked.  If that comes back ok than the only possibility is that you are inadvertently forcing your body in starvation mode.  As has been said here your body may be holding onto every morsel of food. I think you must journal your calorie intake.  I am on Nurtisystem so that part is easy but I still needed to use thier journal to see where I was with calorie count since they have been steadily increasing my caloric intake... I am now eating even more and they increased my caloric intake by 200 calories.  and they have been doing that progressively every three weeks and finally starting to see some positive results in the scale.  perhaps you might want to journal your calories and than increase it in similar incriments.  

I know one thing its not cool when the main goal is to loose weight  and your gaining.  I too work out hard with heavy weights and I'm sure that its muscle build.  However that has started to affect me overall to the point that I started to question why i'm working out so hard.  You have to start working towards trying to figure out what the issue is.  Perhaps its a medical issue perhaps its starvation... either way the sooner you know the soner you can get back on track and start feeling good about yourself.  

Oh BTW, I also toned down my work out routines a bit too.  Good luck and hope it all works out for you.  
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