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why chinese black rice can lose fat so much ?
in china ,more and more people now are trying to lose fat by the black rice ,let us see two case

one is MISS ZHANG ,aged 28,163cm,55kgs -target weight is 48kgs

she said :" i always want to lose fat ,but because i always cannot stop eatting ,so i always failed ,i searched many weight loss forum to find the way to lose fat ,one day one topic "black rice lose fat " attracts me .the way is every day just eat the black rice ,nothing others cannot eat ,except saline water and honey water ,during that time ,if have constipation,honey water is very useful for it .just need one week ,my weight has low to 48kgs.but after u stopped the black rice ,donot immediately eat the greasy food ,give the body one adjust time ,otherwise ,it will hurt u stomach

another is MISS cheng ,aged 22,160cm ,55kgs -target price 50kgs

i eat much in spring holiday ,then i become fat , i feel black rice is one good way to lost fat
first of day  ,i lose 3kgs ,it is very wondeful
keep for one week ,totally lose 7.5kgs ,though this one week is very hard to get through ...

summary -why black rice can make u slim ?
i said before the body is made by water and fire ,and the fire is the souce of life ,the "fire "one is from u congenital -it is from u kidney ,one is from acquired,from what u eat everyday .

black rice ,which color is balck ,it is the color of kidney ,can be benefit for u congenital fire ,also the food in china is defined the hot food ,which can add u energy ,strong the whole circulation of u body

maybe u remember before ,fat is because u body cannot absorb the rubbish,it is not because u eat much ,if u body has euough energy ,it can absorb anything u eat ,so fat cannot be exsited

if any one show interest on it ,contact me for more discussion

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