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How to lose weigh get body shape shaping slimm reduce cellulite skin tightening rejuvenation enhancement lifting by beauty aesthetical machine equipment and exercises to keep fit?
HI I am Ms. Cathy Lee from Beijing,China, do you know how to keep body slim and healthy suitable weight, not so slim slender and not fat, but should body shape shaping reshaping slimming but healthy. Some like body cellulite removal reduction and skin tightening enhancement lifting and wrinkles lines pregnancy wrinkles stretch marks removal by some beauty aesthetic equipment machines named RF radio frequency, some are together with infraed light power with somewhat massage in beauty salons, clinic or hospitals,etc. but they are different technology and effects. how did you do for this? we can share good experiences and happiness or sadness together here! Welcome!
What is the effects results after treatment? any activities can do after treatment? really no pain blood scars by RF? how many sessions and period? any bad side effects?what is the principles?,etc.

welcome experts or patients or doctors and dermatologists in clinics, beauty salons spas,medical centers,hospitals to share the experiences and sadness and troubles and suggestions here!
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