A white nipple discharge - mostly only extracted when squeezed
by J-16Cali, Feb 15, 2006
About a year ago, I began experiencing a thick white nipple discharge protruding out of my nipples. I wasn't sure what it was so I tried to get it off and then realized that it was coming out of my nipple and squeezed it out. I was completely freaked out. I could see a clear opening from where the discharge had come. I had pierced my nipple about 6 months before this happened, but it wasn't until after I had removed the ring for a few months that I started to experience this discharge. Since then, I have continued to experience the discharge with some regularity (this has continued for over a year), and the discharge has remained the same - still think and white, and still needs to be extracted even though I can see it underneath the skin or it may begin to protrude on it's own.
Also, a month or two after the first one started, I began to check out the other nipple. If I poked around at it - I could get similar results. I am a 26-year-old woman, who has never been pregnant (there was no chance of that happening when this began either). What do I do? I am slightly embarrased by this, I have kind of bounced it around some of my friends, and no one has experienced anything like this. Even a friend of mine who also used to have a pierced nipple (I thought that was the cause at first). Do I need to do a biopsy? Mammogram? I am so young, but the more I research it on the internet, the more freaked out I am by the potential problems that could result. I did have my prolactin tested about a month ago by my OBGYN (dont know results yet) and she didn't think it was a big deal. help.
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by xrayu2, Feb 15, 2006
Did your ob/gyn order a TSH(thyroid) and Prolactin(pituitary function)?  I have had nipple discharge only mine is spontaneous and I cannot make it happen.  They may even want a slide to see what type of cells are present in the discharge.  MY lab work was normal, so we are thinking it is coming from some ovarian cysts that I have been dealing with.  Right now they are no where to be found, but the breast issue is still going on.
by Linzyluhoo, Feb 15, 2006
I had my nipples pierced a few years ago. I took them out when prego with my daughter. The whole time I had the piercing, I had that same white funk( If I twisted the rings to clean them). After I had taken them out I had a white discharge , if I squeezed them , as well. This only lasted for maybe 2 months after I took them out though.Are they soar??? Does your discharge have an odor?? If so, it never hurts to go get it checked out...just to rule out infection. Good luck
by anothergirl, Feb 15, 2006
It can be completely caused by the piercing. I have the exact same thing. Pierced both nipples, had them in for several years, got pregnant and took them out. That was 5 years ago and I still have thick/white discharge that I squeeze out like a pimple. My ob/gyn said the body normally produces body fluids anywhere there is a hole, especially man-made ones. That being said my ears do the same thing but just less frequently. I can't speak for your situation, but mine sounds similar and is considered normal and not a problem.
by Na_dine, Mar 06, 2006
I have the same thing, both nipples pierced, took the rings out, have had the white stuff for about 10 years. Now I would like to get pregnant and am wondering if that will affect breast feeding.
Have any of you breasfed after nipple piercings? Nadine.
by funkynina, Mar 08, 2006
I have the same thing.  No piercings though!! Sounds a little painful.  Anyway, about 7 months ago I (for some reason) checked my breast and squeezed it.  I also had white stuff come out.  Then it turned clear with the white substance coming into the clear stuff.  Sometimes the stuff is clear, white, and sometimes it looks greenish?  I went to my OB/GYN to have it checked out.  Whe didn't seem very concerned and said to call back if it didn't subside so of course I did.  I saw another dr. in their practice and he did not seem worried either.  I continued to call until they finally they drew blood to check my pituitary gland for tumors (which are usually no prob.)  They also checked for early menopause.  The test all came back good and normal.  I still was not satisfied so they sent me for mamogram and a ultrasound.  Which I researched and the ultrasound is the very best for early early detection of breast cancer.  These both came back clear.  I finally went to see a very good breast specialist and she did an exam also and reviewed the test I had done.  She basically said that this is sometimes normal.  She said to call back if it started to come out of one area on the nipple or if blood started to come out.  Do you know what I mean by one area?  I breast fed my daughter and I used a pump for part of the time when the pump extracts the milk from your breast it comes out of several ?holes? That's what I mean. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old now so I don't really think it has anything to do with that. I know that there is not a big concern unless it is blood coming out. She said it could come and go? (Great huh!?) Have you had a breast exam?  Or done a self exam?  If you have the discharge and find a lump you should continue to push your dr. to do more test.  Or go to another dr.  maybe a friend could rec. one for you.  It definately does nothing for your sex drive.  Please let us know what you find out.  I hope everything is okay for you.
by Na_dine, Mar 10, 2006
I think you have experienced a different thing, but that you for the response. The white stuff that comes out of a piercing hole (for myself anyhow) just comes out of the holes that were made by the piercing and not through any other part of the nipple or breast. It is definately a piercing related gunk, like a thick puss. It is just strange that it keeps occurring for years after a piercing hole has been out of use.
by funkynina, Mar 12, 2006
I appologize. I wasn't suggesting that this was the situation. I wanted to mearly share my experience in case someone read this section and had the same problem as I have had. I also wanted to make the comment about the information my OB had given me. I do know that trauma to the breast, maybe like piercing, could cause cancerous cells. I am not saying at all that this is her situation, but just wanted to try to be informative. I agree I do think that is odd that the "puss" would continue for some time even after the hole isn't being used.  I am also not sure if it would affect your breast feeding or not. I guess maybe you could have the "puss" substance looked at by your OB and see if it is bacterial. I don't think it would be a good idea to breast feed without having it checked incase it is bacterial and could pass some kind of infection on to the baby. Maybe you could just need an antibiotic or something. I wish you the best of luck. I'll try to be more clear with my information in the future!! Hope to hear from you soon.
by sl88, Jul 09, 2007
im am an 18 year old girl who has this exact same problem. I got my right nipple pierced about 4 years ago but took it off about 2 years ago, and ever since i took it off ive been experiencing these odd puss like excretions which frankly im inda worried about, but after reading this i feel a lot better. I also have polycystic ovaries and was wondering if that might have to do with the situation at all, or if is is merely a piercing related problem.
by brexys, Jul 27, 2007
I read your experience, and I get the same thing too. I had my nipples pierced for about 4 years, and once I took them out I got the discharge when I squeezed. It does smell. I've been too embarrassed to ask my doctor about it. I haven't had the rings for about 3 years. I never found a lump in my breast, nothing really scary... so I never asked. My friend who had her nipples pierced also experience the same thing.The discharge is really thick, it comes out in the front of the nipple and the holes where they were pierced.
I may ask eventually - I just want it to go away! I'm worried that one day it's going to embarrass me in a situation... ya know?