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After missed periods: heavy period, clots, bruises and jiggly feeling is it normal?
Well I have a question.  I am 22 yrs old and I have never been sexually active.  The whole thing started in 2005 when I started having problems with my period.  Before then I had been pretty regular, everytime on time, no cramps, very light head aches if any, no clots, and never heavy it usually lasted about 3 to 4 days.  Anyway in 2005 I started missing periods, sometimes 2 months, sometimes 3 months and max 4 months with out my period.  I had no worries about pregnacy or STDS since I had never been sexually active (NOTHING at all in any form or way) I went to my general doc and they runned blood and urine tests adn they all were normal and said nothing in that was affecting it.  So they said that the reason why I had been missing periods was because I was over weight.  And the solution to the problem was to loose the extra pounds and it would be back to normal.  Anyway to make the story shorter... I got my period back and then it would go back to normal and then abnormal and like that.  In 2007 I went 7 months with out it then got it and then missed it until Feb of 2008. I had my period and then missed it for 11 months. In between those 11 months I had a point when I had really really bad lower back pain.  I would have it day and night, it would hurt to bend over, drive over road bumps, standing up after laying down or sitting down.  It was really bad all the time but like I said it got to the point when I had to take 4 ibuprophen pills every 8 hrs to have the pain not as bad.  I in a way got used to it and became part of my life.  And then it just went away until I had light lower back pain back in Nov 2008 and that was a usual sign back when I was normal that I was about to get my period and a that typical headache that you know it is from your period because there is no other that feels like that one.  So I got all happy because I thought I was finally getting my period again.  But not really all I got was a very very light red smear when I wiped my self when I went to pee and that was it.  In Dec 2008 I got the same light red smear when I wiped my self around the same date as Nov but nothing. In Jan 2009 I got my self in a "diet" and started taking some natural diet pills and I lost like 12lbs in 3 weeks.  And around the same date as the previous couple of months I got a more noticible period.  I actually got about a quarter size blood smear on my pad.  And to me that was incredible and it was a lot compared to nothing, but that was it, it was all I got.  But now in Feb 2009 it is whole drastic change.  On the 12th I started getting blood smears when I wiped my self but a whole lot more noticible than before now it was there! but my pee did not get stained and the pad could not be cleaner it was only when I wiped my self.  On the 13th I had nothing no smears, nothing! but I did have cramps all day.  On the 14th nothing for the first part of the day until the afternoon, when I had big blood smears when I wiped and some sprinkles on my pad.  On the 15th I had my pad stained nothing more than a quarter big until late afternoon when it got really stained, and my pee got stained and when I wiped my self it was like back in the day when I was normal.  In the night it got heavier and I had to change my pad twice in the middle of the night which was weird to me since I had never done that at night.  I woke up at 6am on the 16th and I had to change it again.  After that NOTHING!!!!!! its like it magically disapeared!!  nothing no stains at all, all day long!! But on the 17th a whole different thing!!.  Out of the blue I started smearing the paper, my pad and you could really see it again.  I started getting more and more and more.  I had a whole lot comming out.  On the 18th I had it really heavy again, but I mean heavy I lost count of how many pads I used all I know is that it was a whole lot. A quantity I had never seen before not even when I thought I had a 'heavy' period way back in the day. And it is just the same today the 19th and as I am typing.  If I sit down I feel the whole thing comming out and when I stand up and walk I feel like I am going to pee in my pants and I feel stuff I comming out! IM SORRY IF I AM TOO GRAPHIC!  and the most weird thing is that I have blood clots when I go pee.  I never had blood clots before.  But thank God not big like some of you have.  Mine are not really big but everytime I go pee which is very very often but it is a few in and hr but a  clot comes out.  Something else I am noticing is a few bruises.  Really small ones a little bigger than a lentil, small but noticible, I have seen at least 5 the same size and color.  But I have no explanation for them or why the size and the place where I have them.  And today I felt all shaky and my legs felt funny.  I got some food in and drank orange juice and milk and it went down slowly, but I felt so weird.  So the very very HEAVY period, the clots, the bruises and the jiggly/shaky feeling are making me feel nervous.  Do you girls think it is 'normal' due to the 11 to 12 months of missed periods and my body is just cleansing out?  that is what I think it is.  I guess since it is my first real period after a year with out one then my body is trying to take out all that it has in there.  But please give me your advise or if you think it is not normal and could be more than what meets the eye.  Thanks in advance !!
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