bleeding during and after sex afer pap smear
by concerned2282, Feb 16, 2011
I had a pap smear yesterday and had sex last night.  I bled during sex and am still spotting about 12 hours later.  I can feel a little tenderness on the lower left side of my stomache.  Did I mess something up?  Can I get an infection from this?  What is the cause of the bleeding?
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by Vantom, Feb 16, 2011
Bleeding is extremely common after Pap smears, due to the tiny brush scraping the delicate lining of the cervix. This type of bleeding does not result in any damage and will stop on its own. However, if the bleeding is directly related to the Pap smear, the expected bleeding should be light, mostly experienced as spotting, and should quickly resolve. If it does not,, it requires further evaluation.

Your cervix — the narrow, lower end of your uterus — is usually the source of bleeding brought on by vaginal sex, especially before menopause. If the cells of your cervix are inflamed or otherwise abnormal, sexual intercourse can cause enough friction to make them bleed.

Bleeding after vaginal sex is never normal, but in most cases, it's the result of harmless, treatable cervical changes.

If you have bleeding after vaginal sex, it's important to see your doctor to determine the cause.

I Hope This Helps :)