difficulty getting up and walking after sitting
by wackylee, Jul 25, 2006
Otherwise perfectly healthy, 49 year old - 116 pounds. Upper legs (perhaps hips?) extremely sore and almost go out from under me when I try to stand up and walk after sitting in a chair/sofa/bed etc. Seems to be getting worse. Not tied to injury that I can think of or exercise although I've tried to increase walking to see if it improves the condition. It hasn't. Pain still hurts when walking but not as severe as when I first get up.  What is this? Used to run marathons, ski, cycle - its been a life changing problem and I'd like to find a cure. Thanks for your input.
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by jackiemoo, Jul 25, 2006
Perhaps your bones need strengthening. Try taking calcium supplements, and get checked by your doc for osteoperosis.

by mrsx, Jul 20, 2007
I have the same problem.  I have a herniated L4-L5 disc.  The orthopedist believes that the herniation is pressing on nerves that affect my hips and legs.  He doesn't have a clue as to what to do about treatment.   He had me tested for tthe possibility of a blood clot in my legs which was negative.   I am trying to figure it out on my own and to find another doctor who may be more helpful.  Same thing for me--exercise doesn't really help.  The pain improves with walking, but does not completely go away.  I am starting to have extreme difficulty getting up from a sitting position.  It is almost impossible to get up if I sit on the floor.  Also, a friend of mine just got test results back.  She had similar symptoms, but she also had dizziness and was falling.  Turns out she has multiple sclerosis.  
by izvball, Feb 25, 2008
The same thing is happening to me! I'm 21 and healthy as a horse. I can't remember any significant injury. Early in January my hips just started hurting alot after I sat down for extended periods of time. Sleeping is also difficult because laying on either hip makes them both extremely sore and uncomfortable! I have no idea what this is. Going to see the doctor in a couple of days.
by kakris, Aug 12, 2008
Please let me know what either of you have found out.
I am 57 and have the same thing. I thought it was from having shingles in April along my hip. My provider sent me to Physical Therapy but I  still cannot easily get up from sitting in a chair let alone get up from the floor. I was beginning to wonder about MS. Now I'm scared. I am going to try water massage and accupuncture and ask for a x-ray of my hip. Maybe it is my back instead.
by mtdarrell, Feb 20, 2010
I have the same problem, 48, was in great shape, runner, cycler, pain gradually increased until I felt like I was sitting on rocks.  Went to an Orthopedic surgeon, bones fine, but no answer, sent me to PT.  Did 12 weeks of PT, better, but still can't run at all and getting in and out of car is extremely painfull, and can't sit for long periods of time.  Went back or Orthopedic, talked to me about PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma injections.  Trying them this week.  Fairly new treatment, Professional athletes have used with much success.
by crazycarli, May 18, 2010
just recovering from nasty cold. few days ago, went to get up from settee. couldn't do it. got really scared. took me 10 minutes. happened again next day. then crouching down by washing basket and had to pull myself up by radiator. am going to make appt with gp as getting really worried now. i am 52. work full time in an office and help out with grandchildren at weekends. thought maybe been doing too much and was exhausted so immune system low but not so sure now.
by ouch1955, Jun 20, 2010
I'm having the same problem starting to worry me have to have help standing and hurts to sit have osteopeana and have spinal stnoiusious had a x stop put in last year, laying down our walking help temp
by nessy8, Dec 26, 2010
Can't get up from a sitting position unless I get help or recline on the arm of the chair. Getting up from the floor is nearly impossible. Once up, I can play tennis but am afraid to run in case my knees give out and cause a fall.

I have read this same complaint above several times but I see no solution or diagnosis of what the problem is. I need someone who can tell me what to do or if someone found a solution.  
by Janeman, Mar 20, 2011
Lower abdomene pain while standing from the seated position or lying position. i'm 37 yrs old.Can anybody tell me what is it.