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I am considering an implantable nerve stimulator for testicle-like pain that has persisted ...
I masturbated and ejaculated 2 days after partial orchiectomy operation on my right testicl...
Hello I recently had a radical orchiectomy on my right side only. It seems being away from ...
my boyfreind is having pain in his testies and are heavy he nows has 3 testies. is that nor...
Dear Dr. I am a medical doctor who is talking to you regarding my father , I wil...
I had a left radical orchiectomy 4 weeks ago for stage 1a seminoma and 3 weeks after the su...
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by Shirokuma, Oct 09, 2010 - 1 Comment
That is it, the lyrica at 75 mgs every 8 hours (3 times per day) works well enough but...

by Shirokuma, Sep 30, 2010
Pain has been escalating for the past 18 months. Was taking 400mg Motrin pills, now th...

by Shirokuma, Sep 02, 2009 - 31 Comments
From age 18, I had chronic testicular pain on the right side, intermittent and varying...
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