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Journals about seizures


by TNTonya, Oct 07, 2010
It's a new beginning for me today after many months of frustration. I recently realiz...

by Krisiness, Aug 12, 2010
I'm going to bed. Let me say we drove Shei to therapy, and me and steve went to th...

by Jaybay, Jul 29, 2010 - 11 Comments
My nephew Alex is 6 years old and has suffered terribly with epilepsy since before two year...

by susansuno, Jun 16, 2010 - 2 Comments
I did talk to the doc monday and he doesn't think symptoms related to sub. today(tue...

by NLightened1, Apr 27, 2010 - 1 Comment
I have noticed that as an adult sometimes i can feel my nocturnal seizures. They will someh...

by dialsoap, Mar 23, 2010
I had a workout session with my trainer yesterday and it was normal not bad but enough to m...

by LillyBlossom, Feb 04, 2010
I haven't been using the trackers since before the holidays. I was feeling so overwhe...

by ElleRich, Aug 27, 2009
My psychiatrist wanted me to go on Lamictal and wean off Lithium due to me being hypoth...

by klivesay, Apr 25, 2009 - 1 Comment
due to me being diagnosed as having conversion disorder, my husband and i have separated , ...

by LillyBlossom, Mar 03, 2009
I think I had a seizure while I was asleep. I feel post-ictal right now. I'm also naus...
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