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Journals about swollen

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by Alajarae, Dec 31, 2015
hay i got my lip pierced and its painful but its swollen but i put something cold on it it ...
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by Nathang811, Sep 01, 2015
I was diagnosed with a yeast infection back in June, but I had the symptoms for about a mon...
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by Angoisse, Mar 31, 2015
Today, I am worried sick because of two symptoms. My clavicle's lymph nodes have bee...
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by Xerri, Feb 23, 2015
I am 16 years old and have never had sex before. Starting two days ago my vagina began itch...
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by Kristyann_77, Jan 30, 2013 - 3 Comments
Just yesterday my vagina hurt when I wiped like after I peed. But I didn't think much o...
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by Lotus266012, Jan 22, 2013
Sore throat started on 19-Jan-2013, sensation of tickle in throat but was very persistent. ...
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by Steffie0931, Jul 11, 2012
Hey, I'm a 20 year old girl, and I've been having weird skin problems for the past ...
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by christianscrappergal, Jul 02, 2012
My ankles and feet are swollen today and I have pain in my left knee. Wondering if it is t...
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by mrsprince, May 28, 2012
i woke up at 6:05 am and the left side of my back is actually swollen and my neck also i ha...
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by QuantumPolkaDots, Apr 18, 2012
i feel like crap. im weak, extremely fatigued, achy/sore, my head feels all heavy and weird...