CBS Soaps
MedHelp General - 13 members
Welcome To Anyone who would like to chat about any TV shows That are on now or The CBS Soaps.
Chrohn's Self Help Group
Digestive - 7 members
I would like to communicate with people on their symptoms and problems concerning this illness/disease. I would also like to know what they have tried that has helped them and how their symptoms have changed their lives. My own non-educated guess on the cause of Crohn's is that I have allergies to certain foods and because I don't know what they are, these foods are causing my colon to fester and cause pain and of course the onset of the dreaded diahrea that comes with it.
Burning sensations/anxiety/treatment
Neurology - 21 members
This is to invite individuals with burning sensation all over the body.Though it mainly focuses on those complications related to nervous system, all individuals with burnimg sensation are welcome.
Vasopastic angina of small heart vessels with normal coronary arteries confirmed by cardiac cath. Main symptoms are shortness of breath and chest tightness or pain on exertion and/or chest pain, not on exertion.
Pregnancy - 182 members
Para las chicas que teniamos nuestras graficas en 28dias.
Chicas de 28 dias!!!!!!!
Pregnancy - 70 members
Nuestro espacio!!!!
Canadian Women Together
Pregnancy - 31 members
This is a group for Canadian women that are going through-> *TTC *Pregnancy (and everything that goes with it) *Post Pregnancy *Mother Hood (any Canadian that has kids of any age) *Anything and Everything a Canadian mom wants to ask ->Unnecessary comments and behaviour will not be tolerated! It is in the hope that this group will provide some answers to those that are living in the same country. Not everywhere is the same and we all know our medical systems work in different ways. *Here's to making new friends and helping each other out!
carers wales
General Health - 1 member
about carers and there caring roles
Women's Health - 40 members
For people with yeast infections and systemic candida ... helps and remedies.
Mental Health - 32 members
A place where everyone who wants to can come to share how they have or want change in their life. The "why's", "how to's", and differences made in one's life is a personal choice to share. Any type of encouragement will be welcomed.
Child hood mental abuse suffers
Mental Health - 20 members
This group is for anyone who has suffered from any type of mental or verbal abuse as child. It doesn't matter who the abusive person was, mother-father-sister-brother etc. The way its effected our lives and how it continues to effect our lives as adults isn't always productive, As many of us never speak of it. So come on in, and find support from others that do understand and are still seized today, from hurtful situations long ago.
Diabetes - 1 member
I have recently become blind in my left eye due to Central Retinal Artery Occlusion. I am told the condition is irreversible. II very much want to find individuals and organizations working on finding solutions to this problem, and I am unwilling to accept that "nothing can be done." Elise Leval Veterans Drive Station PO Box 302222 St Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00803 (340) 774-0222
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Isaiah 54:17; No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment Thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of Me, saith the LORD. Hi; I started this group because I love the Lord Jesus Christ & I believe in Him. This group is a support for all women who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or women who may not believe but need prayer & support during your process of conceiveing, being pregnant or just being a mother. This group is not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus. It's not designed to put people down; it's about lifting each other up.
Candida and other Fungi
General Health - 8 members
This forum is dedicated to ailments caused by Candida albicans and other fungi, an area of medicine that is often neglected.
christian women with bipolar disorder
Mental Health - 3 members
support for Christian women who suffer from this disorder.
Heart - 1 member
i need to some one to tip me i have a ? for need by heart beat on me some time my heart ret go in the 200 today the 90
Just a group to help each other with our back pain, and the medications and other therapies that can help us live with the best quality of life possible.
Childhood Mental Illness
Mental Health - 1 member
I created this group for parents of kids with childhood mental illnesses to come for support, chat, and connecting. We have a tough road to ride, and I, for one, would love to meet others going through the same thing. Whether it is psychiatric, emotional, psychological, all are welcome.
christmas babies 2013
Pregnancy - 1 member
For ladies due in December of 2013!!
Chat room
Private - Diabetes - 3 members
Just a private place for some to chat about life
Child behaviour
Children's Health - 1 member
I need help to figure out what is wrong with my children. Their behaviour is out of control.
Chest Pain Help
Heart - 7 members
I woke up Thursday with what I thought was horrible acid reflux. I tried everything under the sun from Tums, to yellow mustard, milk, red grapes, and sleeping on my left side. Since then I have had a weird feeling in my chest/throat. It is like I swallowed a potato chip that is lodge in my throat. It also feels like I ran a mile in the cold weather and I am having issues breathing. Its only getting worse and I dont know what to do. I dont want to go to the doctor since they most likely will want xrays and I cannot afford that.