Brown Recluse Spider bites
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Information regarding Brown recluse spider bites and lasting effects
CBS Soaps
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Welcome To Anyone who would like to chat about any TV shows That are on now or The CBS Soaps.
Burning sensations/anxiety/treatment
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This is to invite individuals with burning sensation all over the body.Though it mainly focuses on those complications related to nervous system, all individuals with burnimg sensation are welcome.
Vasopastic angina of small heart vessels with normal coronary arteries confirmed by cardiac cath. Main symptoms are shortness of breath and chest tightness or pain on exertion and/or chest pain, not on exertion.
Canadian Women Together
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This is a group for Canadian women that are going through-> *TTC *Pregnancy (and everything that goes with it) *Post Pregnancy *Mother Hood (any Canadian that has kids of any age) *Anything and Everything a Canadian mom wants to ask ->Unnecessary comments and behaviour will not be tolerated! It is in the hope that this group will provide some answers to those that are living in the same country. Not everywhere is the same and we all know our medical systems work in different ways. *Here's to making new friends and helping each other out!
carers wales
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about carers and there caring roles
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Although much attention is given to a woman's uterus, and to breast cancer; little if any emphasis is placed on Breast Health in general. It is estimated that nine out of ten women have benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions. This section addresses common non-cancerous breast issues, such as breast pain, fibrocystic breasts, nipple discharge, and a variety of other benign conditions. Other breast health issues such as breast duct imaging, lymph nodes, etc. are also discussed. In addition we will discuss the effects of alcohol, diet, hysterectomy, and hormonal changes on a woman's breasts.
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For people with yeast infections and systemic candida ... helps and remedies.
Boy Problems
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This is a place to ask and give advice on boys...... please no hurting comments...even if you are a boy yourself and you want some answers,here dont be not afraid to get them answered...we all can work together to understand the male population!
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This group is about how to deal with people, who has nothing but sex on there minds, and speaks of nothing but sexual comments.
I have recently become blind in my left eye due to Central Retinal Artery Occlusion. I am told the condition is irreversible. II very much want to find individuals and organizations working on finding solutions to this problem, and I am unwilling to accept that "nothing can be done." Elise Leval Veterans Drive Station PO Box 302222 St Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00803 (340) 774-0222
I have a black apple iphone 4, i wanna replace part to make it the white one. Is it possible? ----------------------------- ipad 2 keyboard ipad 2 dock ipad 2 stylus
Borderline Personality Disorder
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People with this disorder should all come together and try to help each other, i think that it is very important. We can talk about our coping skills or things we learned in DBT for those of us who can't go. Or something that really helps you cope, or how you deal with a situation and make it better, or how any of your symptoms have gotten better, the good and the bad. Lets just try to help eachother.<3
Candida and other Fungi
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This forum is dedicated to ailments caused by Candida albicans and other fungi, an area of medicine that is often neglected.
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Buckyballs-Do you know a teenage male who needs an (extraordinarily) absorbing outlet? If so, then these (crazily) addictive magnetic balls are screaming his name!
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i need to some one to tip me i have a ? for need by heart beat on me some time my heart ret go in the 200 today the 90
Hi i am 23 years of agemale this will be long but i hope somebody can relate and explaine i just want some anwsers because what i am going through is abnormal.. ! this all started 2 years ago. I woke up 1 morning and my head was numb and since then i have had all kinds of trouble ! i was in a state of panic when i woke up and every thing seemed unreal like it was a carltoon !. this was just before i went out binge drinking and drug use. as the months went bye i kinda learned to live with this abnormal like sensation going on. as i try and leave it all behind i was at the doctors 3 times per week for them to explaine nothing really wrong with me that it was just anxiety and i couldnt exept that IE the things whats happening to me ! >> brain fog .. numb head .. memory loss .. smell burning .. dizziness .. and so on the keep rolling ! i went to a CT BRAIN scan to ensure i was ok. That later came back normal ok then i was on antianxiety drugs but still all these sensations are the same ! after being like this for over a year i addapted to it stoped binge drinking etc etc it all seemed to calm down for agers there for i forgot about a lot of things what had happened during the bad spell of so called anxiety ! but it came back and i felt physically unwell i couldnt seem to do SIMPLE tasks memory was poor and still smelling burning with my head aches ! i did take drugs 1s every 2weeks for a night out cocaine snorting it and the doctors says it could of messed with your sinuses etc whitch does make sence .. but my head on the left side is numb and i feel unwell i cant cope like this i had A MRI on the brain and tht would pick up mostley everything including sinus propa witch there was nothing !. Any way trying to live my life thinking its all ok when in the back of my mind i was scared out my mind ! all these problems come and go but there is a few that stick with me all the time so when im not thinking about it its just there and i cant seem to get better just recently this last 2 weeks i have been feeling really dizzy and the left side of my brain is burning it seems like its on fire and there is like a something is picking inside my brain to corse a scrach what kills for a second or 2 from my head to my jaw. i can taste a metal taste in my mouth to but also my head is again gone numb like its had anesetic in there i went back to the doctors today for him to say its anxiety related no i cant be ! im 23 i feel unwell ! i cant think at all my brain is burning i have numb sensatin i smell burning horrificly ! and its killing me off i feel suicidal through it because i altomaricly think i am having a stroke ! im not a hypocondriact because these sensations are scareing me to think i thisburning in left sid eof the brain is abnormal ! i cant exept anxiety ! its almost like somethings in there like a parasite with the digging etc ! my muscles in my legs go really weak and also burn and i feel like i cant properly move and that panics the life out of me ! .. i cant be going crazy or having delusions beliveing something whats not there its there ! physicall hard wareing sensations its really taken over my life i am to scared to blink withg out thinking if im having a stroke or somekind of brainemerage I DO FEEL AS IF I AM LOOSING MY MIND also through this !! like now iv had to stop and hold my head due to a stab and burning on lift side its a never ending story i also slure my speech at time whitch also gets me thinking im having a stroke etc ! People reading this also might think im going crazy but add these symtoms up and i aint . i am extreamly worried about my health its taking over my life i dont no what to do if ! allsymtoms (poundinghead) (smellburning) (memoryloss) (leftbrainside is ONFIRE) (numbsenations) cant think strate feels like i am loosing controlle legs burning and so on there a lot but i think u get the point ... manythanks for reading my spelling aint the best sorry reply if possible ...
Break the cycle
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Parenting with cognitive behavior disorder. We expect our children to listen are we worthe listening too?
Break The Cycle Of Cognitive Behavior Disorder
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I am a single parent and have been pretty successful up until my teenage daughter started getting into trouble and showing abnormal behaviors. For the past few years I have been focused on her and have not had much luck in changing her behavior. At the point of giving up, I look at my parenting skills and my childhood and find where the disfunction played its part.
Wraps/Buns, Full lace wigs are easily to be styled in many ways. The hair can hang naturally loose or can be tied back into a bun or ponytail just as your own hair can. For best results the lace wig should be attached to the scalp at the front using wig adhesive. This results in a very natural looking hairline. Other types of African American wigs are available at lower cost but the lace wigs are the very best. Clips In Hair Extensions, Synthetic wigs are cheap compare with the lace wigs or human hair wigs. But they always do not last long and not available to get many other styles, but it keep one style a long time. However it does not have the feel or qualities of real hair. If your budget will not stretch to buying a real hair wig you should consider a good synthetic. Chosen carefully you can find something that will work very well for you. This is particularly true if you do not intend to wear the wig daily but rather just for an evening out or special occasion.
Lace Wigs, Pin the ends of the braid underneath the bun. Repeat this step with the other braid, but coil this second braid tightly around the first. Hide the braid's end under the bun. Secure the entire bun with pins until it's stable. Comb and smooth one of the front sections of hair. Place a clear hair band around the section just above the ear. Allow the ear to somewhat hide the clear band. Braid the hair below the band and add another clear band at the bottom of the braid. Repeat this step with the other front section of hair. Human Hair Wigs, Pull back one front braid, loosely, hiding the braid's loose end and hair band under the back bun. Pin this braid securely in place at the bun. Repeat this step with the other front braid. Comb any wayward strands and smooth the sides. Add hairspray if needed. Take any strands at the base of the neck and curl with a curling iron or a wet finger.
Braids Hair Extension
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Any woman feels the need for a hair style change every once in a while. Kanekalon jumbo braid extensions are perfect solutions for women who want to obtain more volume, add length or experiment several colours without damaging natural hair. Let's get a better impression on why kanekalon is such a fashionable and po[censored] r alternative. First of all kanekalon is a Japanese made nylon fiber and its main advantages are the costs, as it is a lot cheaper than natural hair wigs and clip-in extensions, and versatility. Short Wigs, Another great advantage kanekalon fiber presents is that it lasts much longer than other types. It can be straight or crimped when you buy the ready-made product, but the good news is that you can try several types of hairstyles if you keep account of several usage and maintenance instructions. Women can finally adopt Beyonce curly transitional blond-brown look, or more extravagant colour transitions, such as blond-pink, black-red, or opt for three shades transitional jumbo braid clip-in extensions. Several sizes, colours and hair styles can help women experiment and express their creativity and sense for fashion, while protecting their natural hair, by means of wonderful jumbo braid sets. Hollywood hairstyles that have made a strong impression and seem worthy of experimenting at least for special occasions are now so easily attainable, by disposing of kanekalon jumbo synthetic hair. Human Hair Wigs, Straight East Asian hair, fringes, cornrows, dreads, and so many other styles can become the change any woman searches for, in order to regain or reconfirm self confidence, attractiveness and unique grace. Although this is a very good quality fiber, women should be careful to respect a few rules with using kanekalon synthetic hair, for achieving a maximum level of life span and have it in constantly good condition. Most suppliers will recommend you not to use hot tools with this fiber, but rather mild warm ones, and cold air blowing driers. It is advisable not washing it very often and apply some oily solutions, as it is deprived of natural hydration unlike real hair. So hydrating solutions should be gently applied every once in a while for ensuring a natural healthy glow. Kanekalon is renown for its most natural and healthy nice look, but to maintain it this way women need to learn how to perform several actions. Washing these kanekalon wigs and clip-in extensions should be considered as rarely as possible, as it might deteriorate the fibers and special combs should be purchased from beauty shops. For avoiding knots women should comb the wigs and extensions before washing them. Lace Wigs, There are certain modalities for washing synthetic hair, women must be aware of. Most of the times women receive advice and recommendations from the supplier, because there are various brands and fiber quality can be different from one manufacturer to another. So, women can ask for instructions at the purchasing moment to ensure proper maintenance. Browsing through a multitude of hair styles and colours for extensions and wigs can be very relaxing and enjoying. So, have a nice experience while searching for the perfect items to complement your style and stand for your fashionable attitude.
Caps for Human Hair Wigs
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When it comes to purchasing human hair wigs, there's a lot to take into consideration. You want to pick the right color, length, shape and fit for you. You'll want to take your time figuring out which wig will be the best. Full Lace Wigs, But one component of wigs that many people don't think about is the caps to which the wigs are sewn that fit on your head. There are a few different options to consider. The most common cap that you'd find in most human hair wigs is a standard cap. Wigs Online, These caps are the ones that most people think of when they imagine a wig. The cap has a closed lace layer at the crown and the rest of the hair is sewn into the cap. The hair at the crown is usually teased to cover the cap so it has a more natural look. Because of this, there is a natural lift at the front of the wig which gives the entire look more volume, so it's a good choice for someone who wants the illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair. Capless human hair wigs are similar in construction to the standard cap except instead of a closed lace layer it has lace strips that have open spaces between wefts, which are the threads that the wig is laced around to keep it together. These open spaces create a more comfortable and ventilated experience for the wearer, making them great for the summer time. They are overall lighter than wigs with standard caps. The last choice of caps is a mono-filament cap. African American Wigs, These caps use a nylon that is thin and breathable that looks like skin. In fact, it tends to match up pretty well with the natural color of the wig wearer because it partly reveals the actual scalp below. It creates a more natural look. It also offers the most choice in styling because each hair is hand sewn onto the cap so it moves like natural hair on the head. This means it can be brushed or parted in any way you'd like. They are a great choice for those with total hair loss because a standard cap can be itchy and uncomfortable to sensitive scalps but mono-filament are far softer. Whatever choice you make in caps, make sure it's a comfortable one for you. Try on many human hair wigs so you can to get an idea of how each feel to you personally. Take your time and find that perfect wig!
Breathing Issues
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Hello, This group is created for people who may have RADS - Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome or any breathing issue.