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brain stem pic
brain stem pic
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selmaS, Mar 07, 2012
Here is a link to a video of a conference that a few NS's and geneticists had referring to chiari, EDS, post op from PFD surgery with more issues, retroflexed odontoid....

oh and y we should not go to a chiropractor if we have these issues....

be advised- there r a few minutes of a surgery...for those like me close ur eyes at that
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strridge, Mar 13, 2012
Thank you.

My neurologist called me back today and said that after my 6 months have passed from having my cervical, lumbar and brain MRI's he will order them again and then we will go from there.  In the meantime he recommends treating the symptoms and trying IV steroid treatment - IV steroids for three days then two prednisone packs.  Do you know anything about this?

My 6 months will be up for my cervical and lumbar MRI's in April and my brain MRI in July.  ( I have 6 - 10 lesions in  the periventricular/subcortical white matter in the right parietal region along with a site of signal hyperintensity in the right side of the pons. )  I had a lumbar puncture and many blood tests to rule out MS, Lyme Disease and Lupus.  

Thank you.

Laura Lloyd
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TXCOWBOY10475, Jul 21, 2014
hi my head has ben killing me and my dr told my i have this is it anything to worry about cervicomedullary junction is whatr i have with a 3mm to a 4mm please help if you can GOD BLESS
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selmaS, Jul 21, 2014
@ TX were you DX'd with Chiari Malformation?