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My 3 son and my 2 nephews.  Christmas 2012
My 3 son and my 2 nephews.  Christmas 2012
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adgal, Dec 26, 2012
Just got windows 8 and have no idea why this is sideways?  Can anyone help?  

Anyhew, Kaden is 8, Terron is 4 and Ryder still 2.  I adore the whole lot of them!
hopeitworks, Dec 26, 2012
Such a great pic. Terron and Ryder look less than impressed and Kaden who you would think would be the one to look that way is smiling away. I love it haha
krichar, Dec 26, 2012
Great photo!! I hope you had a great Christmas!!!
specialmom, Dec 29, 2012
Oh, always love the cousin photos!  We did a lot this holiday break with the kids--  went to some exciting places and had big plans. I asked my younger son this afternoon what his favorite activity was. He said "being with cousins".  Simple.  Note to self, just plan cousin play dates and all are happy!
aheart, Dec 30, 2012
Great boys photo! I really like your tree! Love the ribbon, I will have to remember that. :)
mandaszoo, Jan 05, 2013
Ahh , What a lovely photo. Such handsome boys !!