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I have posted before and now have test results. I requested a CBC as I am always tired and have been for several years. The CBC showed...
I am 25 yrs old with a short med history, alwats very healthy. In Aug., I got a really bad yeast infection (outer) that my dr and I could...
My boyfriend has really bad chronic gout colchicine and indomethacin twice daily has lots of tophi on ears hands and feet the problem now...
I am 16 years old and i have alot of pain in my joints..mostly in my knees, ankles, and lower back..i have had numerous xrays but there i...
I was in a major car accident in 2006 which left me in ICU for five days. After being discharged from the hospital I went to home just t...
hi doctor. I've been getting a lot of pain in my feet and my girlfriend thinks it is gout. what should I do to treat it? also, I know ...
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