Baby Food Group Group

Help, tips and suggestions for parents on the topic of baby food. When to start, how to start, menu suggestions, questions and how to make your own baby food.
Our little one is going to be here in about 3.5 months. I want to get prepared as far as what we will need in the months to come to mix ...
What type of sippy cup do you use? I've tried tommee tippy and she can't figure it out yet. I also have a nuby and nuk since the spout is...
When has everyone started doing snacks between meals? I was thinking like rice cakes, cheerios...those types of snacks.
Hi there! Just thought I'd try out a baby food group and see what would come of it! I've had my L.O on cereal since he was about 4 months...
Do you or will you make your own baby food or buy your baby food already prepared?
I wanted to start a thread on how some of you moms make homemade baby food. Here are some combinations that I used when getting started:...
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