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I just got the app an I noticed yesterday that there's a steps counter. I thought it was kool but I wen on a walk yesterday an today an I...
And no, I will not click a different button to say this again and in different ways. That in itself is a very user-unfriendly response. ...
Hello, I've posted answers for these two questions: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/EIA-or-ELISA/show/2845101 http://www....
Im having a problem with the food tracker. For instance it doesnt accept 1/2 but it will take 1.2 So for example I would put down 1.2 {wh...
I see questions from several years ago asking about exporting tracker data to a .csv file or similar. One response was that the feature ...
Does anybody know what's going on with all the hash tags and numbers in the posts? Makes things rather difficult to read............
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