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Questions in the Learning Disability Forum are being answered by medical professionals. Topics include: Assessment and Diagnosis, Behavioral Issues, Emotional Development, Family Issues, Language-Speech Issues, Living With Learning Disabilities, Parenting, School Issues, Social Development
My son has some learning disabilities: ADD, Executive Functioning, Slow Recall. He was held back in Kindergarten because of his progress...
Hello everyone. I apologize in advance for the unstructured and not very coherent structure of my message. I have been having hard times ...
In the last few years I have come to believe that I must have had a learning disability, or something like it, for most of my life. When...
I am having a hard time learning new material, processing what I read, have terrible working memory/memory issues, have a hard time learn...
Hi, i have a question that i would relly appreciate if gets an answer. My younger sibling clearly has self esteem issues and seems to be...
All of my life I have been experiencing problems when it comes to listening . I am pretty sure I have a listening learning disability. ...
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