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I'm 39 weeks today and the last few nights when I lay down to go to bed I will start to get painful Braxton hicks that will wake me up li...
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I am 6 weeks pregnant, dr was only able to see the sac but no baby, my hcg levels are going up but not doubling like they should. I'm 6 w...
I have been having a lot of the normal pregnancy symptoms. My last cycle started on the 7th of December and I took the morning after pill...
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Anyone have a personal experience or close encounter with a baby that had a dilated Bowel during an ultra sound? So worried and wonderin...
Just wanted to say hi my name is tamara I'm a mom of two.
Just curious about how others experiences are. I'm 41w +3 and have not felt braxton Hick's or any sort of uncomfortable tightness, anythi...
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Who still here? N waiting? I was due the 27th....
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I had my period september 18th got off the 23rd or 24th and had unprotected sex the 24th, 25th, and the 26th. Also on the 27th and 28th. ...
My baby is a week old and she sleeps all day and stays up all night, no matter what I do she just won't go to sleep and she cries if I pu...
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I had a cesarean 16 days ago, i haven't been able to have any dairy since and im wondering if it has something to do with the surgery? an...
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Headed to hospital due date today
I was due September 22, anyone else not have baby yet? How are yall feeling?
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So I lived with my bf and his mom for the first 24 weeks of my pregnancy, it honestly wasnt working out at all so now im with my mom 2 ho...
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I'm due the 27th n it doesn't look like this baby is heading anywhere too soon.. bit ynever know.
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Hi girls, Baby Jessica is finally here. She was due on the 26th and made us a surprise by arriving on the 17. She was a nice 8 poun...
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Is it wrong of me to want to get married before my baby gets here ???? We been together for 1 year and 4 months
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Any September mommies still working? I'm due the 29th and I finally decided to stop working today since I'll be induced Monday (if he doe...
Sept 14 due date so I'm past due. Today I have been getting cramps in the front Nd back could this be the start of labor?
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If my due date was 9/20 and it's officially 9/23 does it mean that I'm late or just that the calculations were wrong because they can't a...
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So my due date is sept 19 and im frustrated and uncomfortable and not sleeping. I feel like im being selfish because i just want my littl...
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