Sexual Dysfunction (for men and women) Forum

This forum is a safe place for men and women to ask serious personal questions about issues such as: pain during intercourse, loss of libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, testosterone & estrogen deficiency, sex after menopause, erectile dysfunction, …to name a few. Please be sure your question is complete and clear before you click on POST. Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Examples of the types of questions that pertain to Sexual Dysfunction Medicine are:

• Anorgasmia in men and women – difficulty achieving orgasm
• Lack or loss of libido in men and women
• Dyspareunia -- pain during intercourse
• Vaginismus – unable to have vaginal sex
• Menopause and Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Prostatectomy problem
• Orgasmic Anhedonia – pleasureless sex
• Problems brought on by medicine and drugs—eg., SSRIs and Proscar.
My boyfriend and I have been together for a while and have had sex a few times. The first time was great. He performed great. The second ...
Hi. I am 30 and husband is 32. Recently his semen test result shows that he has slight low sperm count Total count: 40.95 millions M...
Sir, I am 41 year old man, I have two children but at present since 9 to 10 month I have filling during evacuating with my wife my peni...
Hey I am 20 yes old I'm masturbating since last 5years .. I'm having wet dreams for last 3 years. The serious problem was I started havin...
Hello, I'm a 14yo boy from the Netherlands. since yesterday, I'm experiencing a pain in only my RIGHT testicle. Also, this testicle is ...
Hi if i masterbate i can ejecilate after a few min but when i am having sex i cant .me and my wife are trying for a kid .i did masterbat...
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