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Welcome to Smoking Addiction Forum. This forum is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people who smoke and are trying to quit. The forum covers topics ranging from Cessation Programs and Products, Health Issues, How to Quit, Reasons to Quit, Relapse Prevention, Friend and Family Support.
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I am experiencing itching on my feet and my hands. And also my tongue feels like i burned it. I was a 1 pk a day smoker. Just been on the...
I am in my mid 20's, and have been struggling to quit smoking for a little over a year now. It seems like I will quit successfully for on...
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Any helpful or encouraging thoughts on staying off them?
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Hi I am a 44 yr old male and have smoked for 30 years. I was a heavy smoker at one point for a few years. I quit cold turkey 7 weeks ago ...
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I’ve not had a cigarette for 32 days, I was on the patches but I was allergic to them so two weeks ago I decided to go cold turkey. I h...
What Are the Risks of Smoking?
Can smoking affect my feet?
My stomach is very tight. The pain comes and goes. No I don't need to poop... So please try to help..
Hello everyone, I want to know that Is Smoking Linked with Peripheral Artery Disease Risk?
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Hey everyone, I'm a 33 old male who just quit smoking after about 15 years at about a pack a day max. I'm at about 8 weeks now and I h...
Can anyone describe in as much detail as possible what kind of pain or symptoms (if any) they felt after quitting smoking? I have felt th...
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Hi, I wasnt sure whether to post this here or under one of the parenting forums. About 6 months ago I started dating a 31 year old single...
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Hey, everyone. I hope all is well. I quit smoking two weeks ago. It was one of a series of actions I've recently taken to lose weight. I ...
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I am now on day number 8 of taking Chantix - still smoking but have cut back. Yesterday, I started the 1 mg twice per day dose and withi...
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I am 39 years old and was a light smoker most of the time, chain smoker on weekends, and smoked weed every second night... Being a closet...
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I have been on Chantix . My breast are swollen and tender. Has anyone else had this side effect. Not from my periods - had a hysterect...
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About two weeks ago my doctor and I decided that I should stop taking Chantix a few weeks early. I was and am having some strange swellin...
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I quit smoking 16 days ago, will I pass a continine blood test?
I am on day #5 on Chantix. For the past two days, I have gotten headaches within an hour of taking it in the a.m. Has anyone else experie...
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Hi everyone! Last week I smoke a lot more that what I'm usually used to, from midweek to this day, I've developed swollen tonsils without...
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