Social Security Disability or SSDI Group

I wanted to start this group to keep in touch with others and to help or get tips from others about SSDI since there isn't a forum for it. Where are you in the filing process? What have you learned or need to know so we can help each other through the long treacherous process.
my federal student loan was dismissed around 2010, when i go on full retirement in 2018, will they come after me for loan payments, since...
I'm 60 years old, and I've been on long-term SSDI for 15 years, and while my benefits are high, after I was forced to move to live on my ...
trump budget (05/23/2017) : 'social security disability will be cut deeply' : i'm 64, will my ssdi be cut ? thanks
Hi I've been on social security and just received a CDR. 1. I filled out the papers and sent them in. About a few months later they ma...
Don't give up, We The People do have the power to make changes to corruption in our government. Many don't know that as a US citizen you ...
If you are under 22 and are in college and recieve disabled adult child benefits from social security under your parents records how mone...
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