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Thyroid cancer is a thyroid tumor that is malignant. Discuss topics including symptoms, treatments, surgical options and living with thyroid cancer.
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Hi! I had my thyroid removed 45 days ago. I was trainning for triathlon and I would like to start trainning again. My trainner is afraid ...
Hi everyone, I'm including 3 different thyroid and Vitamin results and would like everyone's take on these "older" and "newer" results. L...
Are there any benefits to .100 mcg of Synthroid daily versus .112 mcg six days per week? I have the option of either. Thanks.
Hello , as of Thursday I have gotten my results haven't spoke with my primary doctor yet, that's Monday. So I'm just wondering if anyon...
TT in December 2009. RA131 (100mlq) January 2010 and again August 2012 (29mlq).My recent TSH was 0.013 and my T4 free was 1.80 so my doc...
I had my thyroid removed 16 years ago, followed by two RAI treatments. I have been fine since. This week I had an ultrasound which showed...
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