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I have a 5 y/o boy that has about the worst case of ADHD there can be found in a child.
He was given Adderal it made him mean and increased tantrums Why did it not do what it was suspose to do for him? it turned him into a monster!
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As Sandman mentioned, sometimes it takes different meds to treat different children. Some children need different dosages, some need totally different meds. IF the meds are not working, then call the dr-- no point in continuing them if its worse!!!
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I did take him to the dr and his meds were changed he now takes Risperdal 2 mgs twice a day and Concerta27mgs once a day it's getting better now .He has also started Occupational Therapy for his Sensory and motor skills problems.He don't seem as frustrated now . Life for him seems a bit better.
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