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Daughter is only the age of three

My daughter is three years of age. Is it possible for some-one as young as she is to have add? She's always running/jumping around, it seems as if she can't or don't want to sit in one spot for a long period of time. I feel as if  getting on to her more so then I should be, meaning I ask/tell her not to run or scream in the house while others are asleep, she responeds by sitting down then moments later she's right back up doing what I had just ask her not to do just moments ago... It's as if there are some symptoms of add, so again, for a 3 year old toddler is there a possibility of her having add?
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ADD isn't usually diagnosed until the earliest age of 6 and shouldn't be because there is so much variability in little kids.  Your daughter sounds very active and needs lots of outlets for it.  Try  not to punish her for it as this is just how she is and she can not help that.  If everyone else is sleeping, take pillows off the couch and any other pillows you have and put them on the floor, she can crawl in and out of them (play little mouse and you can even hide the "cheese" for her to fine).  Find quiet games that are active for her.  You may need to interact with her at that time and at other times when everyone is awake, she can run around and be loud while you do dishes or something.  Good luck.  See the beauty of that energy (don't you wish you had it?)
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My son Brian will be 7 in January. He has severe ADHD and could never sit still, take a nap, or be quite. I could never give him a time out because he couldn't sit. I remember just trying to give him a bath was frustrated I couldn't wipe the soap on him fast enough and he would be moving. Or cleaning he just followed behind me messing it up. I am a working mom and he was always in day care and preschool until kindergarten and they were always expressing there concerns. It really wasn't until he was 5 in kindergarten that we brought him to a Dr. and he was diagnosed with ADHD severe. Our doctor first started him with Fish oil, Calcium and magnesium, and a high protein breakfast. Your daughter may or may not have ADHD like our son but I would suggest finding some classes on parenting when our son was 4 we took parenting classes and a raising your spirited child class, they really helped. Mostly because they don't discipline or "raise children" like our parents did. Call your local school and see if they have a special school for kids that may be displaying ADD/ADHD symptoms. Our son went to a school called First 5  while in kindergarten that really helped. Good luck!!
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I suspect you do not have much experience with children. They have the same vast array of personalities that adults do. A lively boisterous adult might well be considered the life of the party. Sit back and enjoy your child.
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Your daughter is three years of age? ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. Even though they are both attention disorders, they are quite different. Your daughter is three years old; she is going to be hyper, she is going to have more energy than your whole family combined, just as well as every other three year old out there. I have a three year old of my own which inhibits every behavior you mentioned. An ADHD/ADD disorder starts at childhood, so yea there is a possibility that she may have this disorfer. However, it is very hard to tell at such a young age because your daughters brain is not slightly near being fully developed. Also, Doctors are extremely reluctant on prescibing anything to children of such young age because there is not many studies behind it, and also three year olds cannot fully descibe to you if they are having a type of side effect. If you feel that your daughter has an behavioral disorder, your first move should be to get a psychiatrist involved to analyze her up close in her daily activities before suggesting medication. Your daughter is still a baby, and all three year olds are like that. ADD and ADHD medications are very serious stimulants that in my opinion, no three year old should ever be taking.
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