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Do I have ADD?

Alrite, I am 15 and for the past couple of years I have come to realize that I think I have add, because I try as hard as I can to pay attention and class and I will then 10 mins later the randomest **** pops in my head and some days I just worry about all kinds of stuff and just alot of things distract me. I also forget where I put my stuff all the time, my phone, my wallet, and everything. I have told my parents a lot that I think I have it but then they go into denial and they get mad and are like why in the hell would you think that, but I am pretty sure they just dont want to deal with that. But I try to concentrate and I end up daydreaming and then just thinking about the craziest things and worrying about even more stuff, but anyways it has always been that way but this year I had just come to realize that it could be possible but I would appreciate some help.
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talk to your folks . my 13 year old son was finally diagnosed with adhd. he has never really been hiper . but he told me his mind is everwhere ,he worries about what his classmates are yhinking all the time .we agreed to try medication . he went from f to a overnight , we are now faced however with side effects so make sure you tell your folks everything you just posted . you are not nuts you just have a hard time focusing you are more than likely ver broght .hang in there .talk to your folks .
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o alrite thanks
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Its very easy for girls to get overlooked by their teachers cause they are not bouncing off the walls.  ADHD is almost always passed down by parents, which can make it hard for them to deal with it.  You might consider talking to your school counselor.  Your school is really the one (besides your parents) that can get things started.
   Good luck!
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I am 17 years old and i feel the exact same way.  I can't ever focus when i need to. I'm always last to finish school assignments and tests.  I spend several hours on homework that takes others less then an hour.  Unfortunately, my poor school work had seriously distanced me from my parents and i find it very hard to talk to them.  I haven't been able to talk to them about it.  Do convince your parents that you want to be tested though.  Does it affect your performance in school do you think?   I remember nearly failing 7th grade pre-algebra because i can not bring my self to pay attention in class. I always missed what assignment the teacher gave and sometimes daydreamed through entire lessons.  It's so subconscious...I can relate to the symptoms so well but only if i look at it from an outsiders perspective.  From my own perspective, it's just normal thought process.  If that makes any sense to you.

Sometimes i get so sucked into something that i block everything else out. (Hyper focus, a problem that comes from ADD)  I could sit at the computer for hours at a time, opening multiple pages reading them all through then repeating.  Just now i realize why i write my papers in such an unorganized fashion,  even when I'm really sucked into writing, the out pour of ideas come out but in a very senseless and unorganized fashion.

I hope i can sort this out and like i said, if it is affecting your ability to perform in school, then please convince your parents to let you get tested.  My older sister talked to my parents but my stubborn dad said "It's not that, he just doesn't apply himself" which is something that many ADD people have heard throughout their lives.  I don't know what to do for myself now.  My sister says she'll talk to them again after Christmas, that way they will be listening fully.  I really hope you and I can sort out our problems.
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