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Suspecting ADD

Hallo I am 18 years old and I suspect that I have ADD. since I was a little kid I had problems in school, mostly on focusing in lessons. I grew up with people telling me that I dont put any attention to detail, or that I am not organised. I am now 18 years old and nothing has changed at all, it even got worse. When I come back home after college, I cannot remember what topics I was covering in my lessons. The reason for that is that I cannot focus on what the teacher is saying, I get to easily distracted, (or I daydream). This is the reason for my bad grades. When I was living with my mother she was always anoid about my fogetfullness and my dissorganisation. I now live with my brother and he is telling me the same thing every single day, e.g. Dont walk with your shoes in the house and so on. Another thing is that when I get homework I start doing them and I just dont finish it, honestly I cannot remember when I last handed in 100% finished homework. The same thing with projects.  E.g. I produce music as a hobby, I have a list of instrumentals on my pc which are all started but almost none of them finished. I also have a huge problem meeting any type of deadlines. My friends also tell me that I am very fogetfull, e.g. It takes around 3 months for me to remember the name of one of my teachers, not because it doesnt stay in my head but because I am not focused.
I have a big problem with managing my money and my time which results to me coming late to lessons and being broke very quickly. Now people often tell me that I just dont have enough willpower. But I am shure this is not the case, I do go to school in the morning with the aim to learn new things. But I have the feeling that I am different than the most other Student in my school. I do have willpower but my head is just overfilled. I also have problems falling a sleep and therefore waking up in the morning. When I go to bed I cannot easily just fall asleep. I have so many things in my mind. I spoke to a mentor about this issue and he doesnt take it seriously, he tells me that these are not unusual symptoms. I have made severall ADD tests online, the result was that there is a high possibility that I have ADD. Now my question to you is , are this symptoms of me having ADD, and if yes what should I do ? Should I take this serious ??

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I almost forgot, I do not have any hyperactive behaviour or aggressions, I am more the opposite. I am quiet and kind of shy, but I love arguing. Ive been told by many people that I do some things kind of fast and therefore not good. E.g. When I cook, I dont put back the things I use for example the spices or the oil. People watching me tell me that it is not because I am lazy, but because I do it fast and my brain seems kind of like switched off.  
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   You do have all the classic signs of ADHD (well, maybe more AD, than HD which is not uncommon in girls).  Things can be done which could really turn your life around.  But, to do it you will need to really get involved.  The thing with the right medication, it will either work or it won't.  The tough part is that it typically takes a little trial and error to hit the correct dose.  You need to see a doctor.  I would think that your college is a good starting point.  They should have a counselor that can help direct you.
   While you are waiting for all of this to happen.  There are some things that you can do to take back control of your life.  The most important is to become informed about ADHD and what it does.  There are also a lot of study techniques that can be helpful to you.  You also might enjoy reading "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table. " The author is Blake Taylor.  He was a freshman at Cal Berkley when he wrote the book.
   Good luck.
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