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does my son has ADHD

i  need help, I am so depressed and hopeless. My son join kidergarten this year, he turned 5 in July. I had some feeling deep in side that somethis is not right about him but i couldn's say it loud to myself. Ok I really want to tell you whole story. He was 2 yrs old when his father left. I was working full time, My mom was taking care of him. My mom doesn't speak any english, initially my son started talking in english, after his fatehr left and he didn't see much he kind of was confused, later started to speak my native language, his speech was poor in both languages, still is. He was kind of isolated with 70 yrs old gramma. I put him in daycare for few hours but my mom didn't leave him there more than 2 hrs, often she didn't take him at all. She did everything fro him, she still thinks taht he is 2 yrs old, she wants to feed him, take him to bathroom to help him to pull his pants. basically she does everything for him, despite that many times I expalined this is not good fro boy, she still does the same.
As I mentioned before i took him to K from day one problems started teachers saying his needs a help. When teacher tells him something seh needs to repeat many times, he doesn't want to listen or follow commands, he wants to do what ever he wants to do. His enghlish is not good either, I still think He understand much. He had problems pulling his pants, basically princle is telling me taht he needs special Ed , I am devastated, don't know what to do, should I let school condact evaluation. What are the signs of ADHD, I really think he is developmentally delayed/ Don't know what to think anymore.
Please experts out there I need your advise.
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how long has been going to Kindergarten for? I think that any child needs to learn to be self reliant and do things on his/her own. If it hasnt been too long for your son at kindergarten then maybe he will learn from the other children. you would be surprised how fast they learn by seeing watching others. Have you explained to the teachers the situation? ask them to be a little patient with him and give him some time to catch up and prove it was just a stumbling block that he needs to get over.
I would only talk to him in English and encourage him to speak back in English. I think it is very important for anyone to be able to keep there native language But when you are living in a country that speaks another language then it must also be spoken.
if he wants something then tell him to tell you in English. When you are at home with him dont do things for him but guide him to do it for himself. read books to him in English every night and ask him questions about the book in English and get him to replie in English.
There is so much you can do when you are with him that can teach him.
In saying all this... there are tests that can be done to evaluate him to see if he has the potential or if there there really is a learning barrier. maybe talk to a Dr about seeing a therapist for an evaluation. Dont rush into thinking he has ADHD because it is obvious that he has had a disadvantage spending so much time with someone that has not given him the stimulation he any child needs.
also try fish oil and Attentive Child (from vitamin world or health food store) Omega-3 (from fish oil and other sources)  is the best brain food. it will definitely help no matter what comes from this!
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The characteristics of ADHD are typically listed as: physically hyper-active, impulsive, intrusive, rebellious, bossy, irritation, show off, egotistical, attracts friends, but does not easily bond, more prone to oppositional defiant or conduct disorders. It is also thought to be a brain disorder due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and between 3 and 5 percent of children are thought to have ADHD.  

    Furthermore, ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity (e.g. being too active, being fidgety, talking too much, being restless, or having your mind be always racing with thoughts); inattentiveness (e.g. difficulty paying attention, mind wandering, forgetting or losing things); and impulsivity (e.g. acting first without thinking, interrupting others, not thinking about the consequences of your words or actions).


From what you have written, it doesn't sound like your son has any of these symptoms, although you would know best. Try some of the things nunu listed, they may help. Good Luck!
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Mana I feel your pain. I am almost in the same situation. My son doesn't know how to pull his pants down either and he goes to a catholic school with the gray pants and the silver pull button and a belt. Teachers say he has to learn cause they cant do it for him. read mY question im going through some behavior problems with my son and the teachers immediatly want my son to have an ADHD evaluation. My advice to you is not to jump the gun. You have to sit down every chance you get and teach your son yourself. After a few months of teaching him then see if hes learning anything.
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