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school adhd test

school nagging about me taking a test for my 8 year old (ADHD TEST) okay looking over the test i see questions that are not suitable for a school aged kid in 3 grade so i only answer a few of them. Called yesterday to tell me that the result of this test are in, make appt to see them. But I was told that they would send them home...yeah cannot trust them.... anyone have this issue with there school???
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I probably wouldn't trust a test the school gives, generally its best to be tested thru a pediatric psychologist/psychiatrist.
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  Its not really a test.  Standard method is usually a questionnaire filled out by parents and teachers.  They Psyc then ranks the answers in terms of things like attention span, hyperactivity, etc.  Since it is standardized for elementary school kids (and maybe higher), you would see questions that are meant for higher grade level kids.  Questions you chose not to answer wouldn't matter as they are looking for his traits or things that he does.
  They would never send the results home.  That would be horribly unprofessional.
  Not sure why you are so upset with them.  Sounds like they are trying to help your child.  Have you taken the time to read up on ADHD/ADD so that you will have an understanding what they are talking about?  This is serious stuff and you want to go to this meeting prepared.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!
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okay i have prepared  ? for the a person invovled and i have read up adhd/add but i feel that they pushing this a bit to far, what do they want? they said they would sent it home "horribly unprofessional" lol(thats a joke) its not a ranking i want on his permanent record...hate school pushing this on me and him...i am not going push a pill down his throat.
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First NO ONE can force you to give him meds.  That's in capital letters, NO ONE.
Second, if he does have something like ADHD, it means he can get a 504 or an IEP which will give him extra time on tests (if he needs it) and even extra time for homework.  School right now should be pretty easy.  By 4th grade it gets a lot tougher.  And if he is following behind in things like reading, it also means he can get extra help.  I would assume that he is having problems of some kind of the school would not be doing this.  Even if it is that he is kinda hyper (and is doing great grade wise), the above mentioned plans can give the teachers ideas on how to work with him and actually protect him from some old hard liner that has no clue what ADHD can do to a kid.  Finally, since this will carry over to next year (which may be a major reason for it being done now), it will certainly make the start of 4th grade better for him.
  Try to look at this as something that will help him.  If done correctly, it will.  Let us know how the meeting goes, and if you have any questions about their recommendations.
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Everybody in the world now thinks he or she is qualified to make psychological diagnoses. Teachers have no business giving tests of this kind. Why did they send your son home? I once had interference from a school (one of my four kids). I ignored them. There was nothing wrong with my daughter - except that she hated school.
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I tell you one thing that I don't understand------- this talk of "permanent record".  Those records are completely confidential.  They don't brand anything on a child's forehead and by law-----  all school personnel must keep that info under lock and key.  It is used to help a child be successful.  Trying to decide if there is a specific reason why a child struggles is in the child's benefit.  It is how they can address what things might help them.  Perhaps it is sitting in the front of the room, movement breaks, one on one time, etc.  I know that due to my son's challenges, I was able to explain to the principal what kind of teacher specifically would be best for him, what kinds of things have worked in the past to help him have a comfortable year in school, and what peers would be best to be in class with next year.  I wasn't afraid to admit that my child has some challenges and the result is that I am setting up the next school year to be better suited to his personal needs.  Why parents are afraid of that, I do not know.  I feel like I'm giving my kid the best possible chance for a happy school situation.  

Teachers are excellent in terms of a resource to discuss your child.  They can compare lots of kids and see who stands out from the crowd.  They don't diagnosis a child but they are an awesome resource to get an idea about a problem.  It was a PRESCHOOL teacher that noticed something with my child.  She was dead on the money when he was diagnosed a year later with sensory integration disorder.  I've thanked her in person as well as in my heart every day.  She wasn't the one who diagnosed him-----  but she gave me the info I needed for his evaluation.  Only a physician can diagnose add/adhd (and an occupational therapist diagnoses sensory integration disorder).  But teachers give great insight that shouldn't be overlooked.  

There is nothing to fear in helping your child.  My boy went from a kid that struggled terribly to one of the guys.  I'm so happy we took the steps necessary to help him. good luck
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Just to clear up any misconceptions.  Teachers don't/can't give tests of this kind.  The test would have only been given by a licensed psychologist employed by the school district.
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Yes, that is right sandman.  And I would follow up from there as a parent and see a physician with a speciality in children as well.  Parents are a kids advocates which includes at times doing things that we wish we didn't have to do.  We stay strong for our kids but have to do the right thing for them.  That will be different from child to child but evaluations do not hurt and have the potential to really really help.
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If I may chime in on this, although a little late.  
School is usually the area most affected by a child's ADD/ADHD.  It may not manifest itself while your child is, say, watching televiosion or playing with his sister.  You might not notice it when he is riding in the car or playing ball in the yard. But when it comes to listening, following directions, organizing his desk, breaking an assignment up into steps, etc-- tasks associated with school-- the ADD/ADHD may become apparent.  Have you ever observed your child's behavior in the school setting??  Your child's teacher does it every day.  That's why when a doctor, or a school psychologist, or whomever is trying to diagnose a child with ADD/ADHD (or not), they frequently ask the child's teacher(s), parent(s), even coaches, etc. to fill out an evalution form.  This does not mean that the teacher is making the diagnosis.  S/he is simply providing information based on observations, same as you would.  Please do not take offense.  Your child's best interests are always at heart.  And no one can/will push medications on your child.  Just being aware that a child has been diagnosed helps a teacher provide the extra support the child may need, whether it's redirection, preferential seating, extra time for assignments, a copy of the notes-- these are just a few examples.  These, and other accomodations, can become part of a 504 or IEP, a legal document that REQUIRES that they be provided for your child, as needed.  It's all about what's best for her.
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Yes, questionairres are 100 percent accurate always in making the diagnosis and also they want to see if school and home are the same or very different.  I agree school makes a lot of symptoms worse b/c they have to sit still and a lot is expected of them.  They CANNOT make you give meds and should not recommend meds either.  It's a very sensitive issue, I totally understand.  been there.  But right now, glad I have looked at other avenues and not done medications.  Also if they feel it's a real problem, I would consult with outside help.
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First fight for your son and don't let the School tell you what is wrong with your Child,they are not with him all the time.And the people at Schools are not Doctors and not your childs parent.

I have been threw this,my son had an IEP and yet his Teacher couldn't handle him and she would call and send letters home every week.She had only 8 kids in her class and I was told there would be two Teacher so I called on that so they put another Teacher in  to help her. That didn't stop things . She still would call about things to my office while I was aat work.She said you have to put him on Medicine and everything that would happen in class was always my son fault,even thou she new her self that if he did something wrong he would he did it.

Not all Schools are run the right way and not all Teachers should be Teacher our Children.My Son Teachers he has now can't belive what this School and some of the other have put him and our Family threw and can't belive how the Other School have treated my son .

You need to find the right School and very good Teacher's who really want to help your Child and do what it takes to help the Child learn.

Also like I have said may time before and am sure I will say it many more times .There are many things that look like add/adhd .But the Teacher and School and even Doctors don't think about looking into those things.And the side effects of these drugs are not worth what they call do to anyone and children don't have a say in what happens to them .So as parents we need to fight the fight for them and not given in to School's STAFF and DOCTORS. And make sure everything is looked at,in the person life and health.
Drugs should only be given if it means there life not to make things easyer for people.
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I'm just wondering what makes you think you are qualified to determine whether or not the questions are appropriate? Take the results to the doctor(pediatric psychologist, not a pediatrician) and see what's going on. Start thinking about your child and what he/she is going through...oh and start working with the school rather than against them. And if they give you a reason to not trust them, go to the district office or home school your child.
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