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I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but i need help so i'm going to ask it. i am 18 years old & have been taking vyvanse for about a month now. i slowly increased my dosage and i am up to 30mg currently. i'm starting to realize i am becoming depressed and i'm always in a bad mood, especially for the passed 3 days. friday, i smoked a very large amount of marijuana and took an ecstasy pill. i'm not sure if this combination could of caused this depression, but i need to know what it may be? or what i should do?
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First I think you know already that you shouldn't be using Marjuana ,and I am sure that both together are and apart are not good for your body and that it call destroy your brain. A lot of these drugs are like street drugs and can cause you more health problems.

Instead of taken the drugs, you should take Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 every day .

If you are not talking to someone you should be getting the help.

If you need to talk I am here for you,just send me a message I come to this site every day.
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yes, i'm aware.

i'm starting to think i really don't have adhd, which is why taking vyvanse is making me depressed.
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The fact that you're starting to get depressed doesn't necessarily mean you don't have adhd.  There's a blurb in the drug insert about developing depression symptoms while taking Vyvanse.  You need to call your doctor and tell her what's going on.

Whether or not you have adhd is something you'll have to discuss with your doctor, as she's your best resource.  Some people try one medication and it doesn't do a thing for them.  If Vyvanse does nothing for you, except make you depressed, then perhaps another medication may be worth a try.  If it does help you, maybe there is a similar alternative you can try.

My first medication was Vyvanse and it happens to work well for me.  I already take an antidepressant, so if it does make me depressed I'm already covered...lol.  And the bad mood thing...for about 45 min when it's wearing off, I'm soooo irritable and I bounce/wiggle my legs/feet more than I do before I took it...then I go back to my normal adhd self.

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I would call the doctor about it and you probably know it's not that safe to be mixing prescription durgs and recreational drugs.  
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