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visuals after concerta comedown

Does anyone feel like I do or can explain what I feel and see in the comedown of my daily dose of concerta (63mg)
[it happens around 4:30 PM to 8-9 PM, and I take the concerta around 8:15AM before school)

-very dilated pupils

-sensivity to light

-dizziness (not unpleasant, and without headaches or difficulty thinking, alcohol like vertigo effect, and very slight)

-distortions (things get bigger or smaller, or go right, then left, but again very slightly, and only around what I'm looking at, never directly at what I'm looking)

-LSD or whatever type effects, but SUPER SLIGHT and only visual (colors change just a bit, some things seems fuzzy, texture especially of outlines changes too, and there are patterns that appear on surfaces like wall or tables, but not on irregular shaped things or small objects or computer or TV screens. Also, you know the little millions of dots you see when you close your eyes and look at a source of light (with your eyes closed, just to be sure you understand), well I can see that with a equal intensity but with my eyes opened, and when i close my eyes, there are patterns and stuff again. Oh and the object themselves never change (only in size), the stuff like patterns are ''over'' them, well they don't affect the object itself at all, except for texture and color i guess. what i'm trying to say is that there are no delirium-like hallucinations of animated things or morphing object.

note: I have an ADD, not diagnosed but probably slight bipolar disorder, feel depressed every now and then, often doesn't sleep much (sometimes less then 4 hour, and sometimes up to 13) and i NEVER TOOK ANY DRUGS OR MEDS with the concerta, or less then two month before the consumption of concerta, and I don't feel any anxiety or social problems, I am a very normal teenager (well I think I am), and I do not have problems with my family or stress or whatever.

Also, It is SUPER SLIGHT AND SUBTLE, sometimes i can barely see it, and sometimes i can't. Alcohol increases the effects a lot (hallucinations and patterns more then dizziness), especially on its comedown too. It is more pleasant then it isn't, but really it doesn't bother at all, I can still function and think like I always do, and I just ignore it most of the time

IT HAPPENS ONLY i would say around 1-3 times a week, sometimes not at all in two weeks, and sometimes every day of two weeks, so yea

If you know anything about it, please inform me, and help or recommandations from certified health professional are REALLY welcomed! thanks for reading

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Since this is a strong stimulant, I am not surprised.  Someone else said when their child hit puberty, they switched to focalin xr and the come down side effects weren't so bad.  As far as those judging you, forgive them ok.  I am sorry you are baring your soul and being accused of smoking pot.  You are an adhd hero in my book.  
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This is crazy because everything you are saying speaks so much to my situation. Like you said concerta was working perfectly, it changed my life but now the side affects seem to be really prodominent. I think its awesome that we're not in the same boat. I'd like to stay in touch as my situation is the exact same as yours!!!!
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I'm the EXACT SAME WAY!! Trying to explain it to people who aren't taken the drug is so chaklrnging. Not to mention they think you're crazy. Have you found any way to cope or to alleviate the come down of this?
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   Thanks for the info.  Would be surprised if it was the Concerta since you have been on it so long.   Though you might want to try the high protein breakfast and see if you notice a difference (lots of protein drinks out there) in how the meds work for you.
   I mentioned the eyes, because I had a problem where if I got a sudden bright light, I got some serious flashes, etc going on.  My eye doc suggested I take a supplement with Lutein and Zeaxanthin in it.  About 5 parts Lutein to the other seems to be the best.  Its  all natural substances and is essentially the  chemical in the Iris of the eye.  It has taken awhile, but it has made a difference.   The brand I use is by Countrylife vitamins.  But, if you look at any eye health section is a store, you should find something.  
    And hey, your English is great.
    Let me know if you need any more info on anything on this subject.  Best wishes.
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Thanks for your concern

I know it really looks like it because of the visuals (which are yes similar to ''pot''), but I don't use any kind of pschoactive substances other than the concerta itself (maybe caffeine some days, but rarely).

I have been using ADHD medication for over 3 years now, starting from 36mg all the way up to 63mg. I tried going back to 54mg for two weeks (by myself, taking two 27mg instead of one 27mg and one 36mg), but it wasn't as much effective -i had hyperactivity (cognitive), which is not diagnosed by the way, and more aggressivity-, and I still experienced the effects (visuals).

I started seeing the weird stuff around june, and it's still going on since then

I don't have any recent head injuries at all, actually no recent injuries worth mentioning at all,

Yes, it happens more at home, since it is where I am when it wears off most of the time

Thanks for the question with the TV, it made me realize that yes, sudden lights or super bright lights on a dark background seem to have a link with this, because yes it happens more when I'm watching TV, or on computer, or on phone in the dark, at a bus stop during the night, car lights, etc.

I don't do any ''official sports'' but I'm still active (go to gym, do trampoline, etc)

I want to say sorry for my bad english, I'm french!

I fixed a rendezvous with my doc, it is in 2 months, and if it gets worst well i shall call.

Hope this helps you too into knowing what's going on!

The thing that really concerns me is that the concerta really changed my life (yea it really did) because without it I can't get things done, and other molecules for ADHD don't work on me. I really want to keep my prescription, but also not have negative side effects that could affect in a serious way my health.
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   My first guess would be that you are self medicating with Pot, but you say you don't do that.   I say this due to the dilated pupils and other visual effects.
   You didn't say how long you have been using concerta.  If its fairly recent for you, it just may take awhile longer for you to get used to it.  That is kind of common for side effects with stim meds.  You could also lower the dose and see if you are still having the same effects.  Typically, if you have a good, strong high protein breakfast, the effects positive effects of Concerta will last longer then without that kind of breakfast - which means you could try a lower dose.
   Any recent head injuries.  Do you play football or soccer?
    If you have been using it for more then several months, then something else is probably going on.    Its always worth mentioning this to your doc.  And if you want to try a lower dose (always good to be on the lowest possible anyway), you will need your docs approval.
    Final thought is this seems to be pretty much visual stuff and happening at home.  Does it tend to happen more while watching TV?   Does sudden bright lights seem to bring it on?
     Hope this helps.   Keep me posted on how things are going.
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