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My Twitching comes and goes Need Some Help !!!


About 2.5 years I developed body wide twitching, Calfs, arms, back,  face, neck, you name it, it twitched. I freaked out and went to my primary care, he sent me to a neurologyst. EMG performed OK, Nerve Study OK, Brian MRI OK (I have a brain ), Was told its anxiety, try to relax, take some of these ( xanax). I did not take the pills, instead i started with some Yoga and stuff. Twitching got better, moved on to my next disease (Hypochondria).

About 8 weeks ago the tip of my tongue began to twitch, I went to a neuro he said it was nothing, did a brief exam and said try to relax. No weeakness, no swallowing dificulties no slurred speach. I thought to my self what a wierd experience, my tongue twitches and he says dont worry about it. Any way I noticed that the tongue twitch got worse after I excercised. If I ran it was terrible and then it would settle down. Any way for the last 7 days I stopped the gym and the tongue twitch has disappered.


1. In Als does the twitching start and stop ?

2. In ALS does excersise effect the twitching?

3. How long do I have to wait and watch to see if any other symptoms present their self to be in the clear?

4. Am I crazy ?

Thanks everyone
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