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Hydrocodone 750mg 15 daily

My brother in law is living with us and has a very bad addiction problem. He takes anywhere from 15 - 20 750mg Vicodin/Hydrocodone a day. He is only 24 and has been addicted for over a year. I'd really like more information on long term effects from this. Also, the doctors found a mass on his liver about a month ago. Could it be related to his heavy Vicodin usage? Please help!
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What are the doctors doing in regard to his liver?  Do they know about his Vicodin usage?
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Vicodin can cause liver damage, but it's hard to say if this is the cause of the mass in the liver. The "habit" he has is life-threatening. The long-terms effects of a Vicodin habit are death. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Far worse that taking opiates alone. It's not the opiate that is lethal (although one can die from respiratory arrest if one takes a high dose). He needs to get into a drug treatment program.
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