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My abusive drug addict mother

My mother is an extremely angry, crazy,abusive drug addict . I'm pretty sure she has Schizophrenia. She won't admit to anything :/ she almost killed my sister forcing us into foster homes. I'm over 18 now. I have no friends or family to count on. I've been poor all my life so I don't have any savings. I am in college. I'm living with her but I'm so scarde for my safety I don't get any sleep from her yelling at me all night about the government & all kinds of crazy stuff. HOW CAN I GET OUT OF HERE?! I don't have enough money from school I work too but still don't make enough to live on my own. Also how can I get her medication & help :/ she won't admit to anything so it's hard. Also she is a drug dealer :/ this scars me because it brings all kinds of crazy people to the apartment. Her boyfriend has already bin in jail 4x for trying to kill us. They just keep letting him out :(
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Look around for medical centers that take in people in those conditions. If you call the police they will come and take her to where he belongs, a family member of mine was te same way. We called and explained and she was taken to the insane asylum for a while. She's better now
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hello and welcome. i am soo sorry that you are living in this situation. i understand that you are concerned for both you and your mom. you have been through alot.
you are a very brave young woman.
"you are pretty sure she has schizophrenia". is this what you think? hun drugs cause a chemical change in the brain. they definitely can make people act different. they get very agitated,moody,they yell,then they get depressed. if this is what you see in her behavior.
have you spoken to a counselor at your school?
do you have a church that you attend? could you speak with the pastor there?  you are right it isnt safe for you to live there.
have you considered calling the police on her? if she is dealing drugs that is not good. i think you should call the police when you arent home, give an anonymous tip and say there is drug dealing going on. that you see alot of people coming and going.
an addict wont get help until they admit they have a problem. your mom isnt ready yet. hopefully and prayerfully she will be soon.
i will pray for you.please let us know how you are doing.
we care
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Thank you for your reply.
And the reason I think it's schizophrenia and not drugs is because she seems mental. She thinks the goberment is after her and that she's a millionair and she thinks she own everything ex: the electric company, and banks and sometimes she won't pay the bills saying she dosent have to because she owns them. I ketch her many time speaking to a wall as if someone were there . It's really scary. But she only gets that bad when she drinks or dose drugs and yes the drug dealing is a very scary matter but I'm so scarde to tell on her :(  I haven't spoken to a councilor because I'm too scarde to show my face and let people know what has been going on but If they will help I'll suck it up :( I should have long ago. It just feels great to talk to someone and get advise
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Oh sweetie. I know you are scared. How can you not be?   If you talk to a counselor you will get some help. If you call the police on her,yes she will get arrested but then she will get the help she needs. They will either put her in a hospital or in a rehab. Do you know what kind of drugs she is using?
Has she allways acted this way? Or has there been a change in her behavior?
What are you studying in college? Do you have a job?  What are you doing in the summer? How old is your sister? Do you get to see her?
Please keep posting on here it does help to talk about things.
There is always hope in everything situation. Do you attend church?  You will find comfort there.
Hugs and love to you
Keep the faith.I am glad you are reaching out for help.
Praying for you and your mom
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