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Update. Good this time!

I just wanted everyone to know, we are still going one day at a time however my daughter has transferred HERSELF to a 90 day rehab in another state.  She got her car back from the police hold, drove her car to the airport and put herself on a plane to the new rehab that she chose with the help of her therapist and no input from us.  We set things up but she did the travelling all by herself.  I see this as a very positive development, since till now we were "leading" her and now she has taken the responsibility and choices upon herself and made smart decisions.  She is now in a place where she knows no one and that's exactly where she needs to be.  Court is on hold.

One day at a time, but we are going in a positive direction!  :-)  
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A W E S O M E ! ! !
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I am so happy to hear this!  Great news!
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Great news!!  
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Oh this is such a good update!!!!

ANDDDDDD how are you doing with your recovery plan??????????
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I'm doing well, still Alanon and lectures.  Last night was the first night I've slept what I feel is almost enough but hopefully if things keep going well I can catch up.  :-)

She even had $20 in her pocket we gave her to get something to eat at the airport.  I was holding my breath on that one!  Her therapist said it wouldn't be good to expect her to do all that with no money, no credit cards, no food/drink.  We were holding our breath but she made us proud.
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Good girl!!!  Are you eating better?  And yep here comes the other question........Are you drinking enough fluids(minus the coffee)???????
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Wonderful news! This is why you (the royal you) never give up hope! I think prayers are starting to be answered! It sounds like your daughter is on her way out of the woods!

Thanks for the update! I neede some good news and something to smile about today!
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i am so happy. i am very proud of you and her.
(come on sara we deserve a happy dance, minnesota style).

this is so great. she is getting it. she is working her recovery and taking responsibility for herself. she is doing wonderful. i am so glad for all of you.
things take time, one day at a time is how it gets done. thats what we all have. as each day goes by it is one more notch in our belts and one more day of recovery as they stay in their rehab. yea for you and i my friend. our prayers are being anwered. stay strong.
now you have somewhere new to visit.
lots of hugs,
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Fabulous news that you all deserve so thoroughly!! Sleep tight Mom.
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I have been coming here infrequently of late and just read this update.  I have a big smile on my face right now.  Can you see it??  I am so hopeful for you and your daughter.  Now you can take some time for yourself.  Please do something wonderful for yourself.  Chocolate cake comes to mind....or a spa day!  I am so proud of you and your daughter and family.  You have come so far.  
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Thank you so much :-)  I'm enjoying the break from the drama.  For now, things are going very well.  Her whole attitude has changed, she's grateful now and making no threats about leaving or not being happy there.  She posted a picture on facebook (just got her phone usage ok'd yesterday because she "phased up"), she's on the beach holding a pumpkin smiling a beautiful, wholesome smile.  It really made me feel good to see her actually having FUN while sober.  The whole group goes to the beach for a couple hours a day to hang out and relax.  It is a very rigorous treatment program, don't be fooled by the beach, the rest of the time, its hard work.

I'm saying prayers for all my friends here, I hope you all get to experience positive feelings and relief the way we are.  There IS always hope.  One day at a time.
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In honor of Sadmom, Deb and their daughters i am proud to present...

A Happy Dance, Minnesota Style~~~
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That so great! I am so happy for you and your family!
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thank you sara.......i have been waiting for you to dance.....minnesota style. i feel honored.
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For a long time, I felt like I'd never smile again, BUT  :-D

Thanks for the great wishes.
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What wonderful news.  I will keep your daughter in my prayers, that she continues to make such amazing progress.

I'm sure it does your heart good!
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