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It took me along time to figure out my husband has a drug problem.... When I did I thought it was just pills well turns out it's heroin and cocaine... We have lost our house because of his drug use and lies... I love him but scared he maybe fooling me that this time will be different.... He went to detox stayed two days then left cause they stopped giving him anxiety meds so he is suppose to go to a rehab place next Monday but there is just too many issues there we don't live in the same county for them to accept the insurance we have which is Medicaid... Am I getting fooled again?
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You must go on with your life like he is a ghost
prepare for the worst and hope for the best
you can't let his addiction cost you everything
you have to concentrate on being strong yourself
it's a "family disease" are you doing what you should be doing ?
you need to work your program and let him work his ...
meet in the middle with an Addiction Therapist if you can ...
if you can't afford treatment, save up for a session with an Addiction Therapist, talk about getting the benefits of rehab (drug testing) ...
Use a Therapist to direct him into a 12 step program;
Get him into a gym; get him involved in a new hobby, you and he go to "open" meetings of Cocaine Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous. Go and make a night of it. See if he will. An addict that wants you and they to make it will "go to any lengths" to do so,
NA and 12 step programs is like committing to Church.
You work the steps (focused around fully being accountable).
If an addict cannot or will not go to these lengths, chances are they are "trying to fool you".
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