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A bed is finally available in rehab for my daughter.I want to thank you who helped me with kind words and great advice.Deb, thank you for pointing out that none of this has bee lost on my girl.Hopefully she can totally internalize the concept now.
Nighthawk, your willingness to connect with her means the world.Obviously, she wouldn't but she wrote us a long letter last night describing in detail her feelings about her condition and the fact that feels like a death to let it go.This was heartbreaking to read but maybe a good sign that she could share it.Zamalek,my thanks and prayers for you also.My first lesson in this nightmare was to take one day, sometimes one minute at a time.Also don't isolate yourself--it can kill you.
God have mercy on us all,marianne
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Hi marianne...that's GREAT news !!!
Now momma, it's time for you. ..she's in a safe spot.
Rest..and stay close,  let's start working on you ;)
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it is great deb  but in her letter last night and request this am. she asked if she could use one more time to"say goodbye" to her habit! i am not holding out much hope and am just praying for christs peace.
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It's VERY common they need to use that last time.   Have to remember their brain chemistry has changed. ..fear of being sick that one last hurah...what ever it maybe,
it's what she does from this point on once in rehab that matters.
don't give up hope, pray for the best but be prepared for the worst.
start protecting you. ..this will be a long road,  but she is definitely heading in the right direction.
most of our kids will relapse many times, before they "get it"
She had a year clean. ..that's AMAZING.
I know many who have relapsed after a year, each one of them got it with the next try.  They have years of clean time now.
I know a relapse after a year to you is devastating and you feel like it will never end. ..that it's over. ..you feel as you do that youve given up.
on your daughters end, she's learning to live without drugs. ..it takes time for the addicted mind to heal
hang in there...stay with us, keep us updated...most importantly. ..rest now ;)
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your words mean everything! i love you.
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Knowing YOUR feeling better means everything !!!
Your no longer alone
lots of love here, we're sending it to you.
Hang in there...I think you and your daughter will be a success story.
We hit rock bottom too, you just did, the only way now is up...ok :)
Stay close !!!
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It's wonderful that your daughter is on her way to rehab. This is her 3rd rehab isn't it ? It took me that many. Have you discussed what happens after rehab.? is there a Sober Living House available to your daughter , where she would have access to an Addictions Therapist and meetings after she get's home from work ? It might be the best way to keep the upward momentum after rehab is over.

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i am relieved! she really wanted to be there this time.it is her third time but i saw the last two times she was rebellious and just going through the motions.as for after,it gets tricky. she has been living out of state for .five years.i am trying not to think that far ahed yet  its not like me to be a baby-but thats what it is.you would be such an inspiration to her.her pride is her worst enemy.my pray for her is to learn humility.
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Yes, it does take more than one rehab, in most cases. So 3 x a charm hopefully. It's a good sign that you can see there is a difference between what's gone on before and this time. If you are involved at all the family portion of her rehab, talk to the Addictions Therapist privately and ask about a long term plan. That won't happen for a week or so, i'm sure, so it will give you some time to simply exhale. I know the stress must be incredible for you as a mom . The fact that she seems different and not just going through the motions this times, is the result of her learning humility for the first time. Hopefully this will continue and result in long term results, starting now.
Exhale, and be good to yourself.
Always here fo you, always hopeful. Rehab works, in it's own good time.
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