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I was or am curious, and perhaps this is too personal to ask,  how many people have gone thru in patient treatment? And if you have done in-patient, if any one used the "adversion" method vs. the 12 step in patient treatment.  I'm sure you have seen me post enough to know I am the mom of an oxy addict....   I am not looking for the magic answer, just looking for input regarding in-patient treatment and if so, what type would you recommend?

I apologize if this is an inappropriate question,  if I get no responses, then I will know for sure!!!   :)      Thank you.
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This is not inappropriate. It is in fact a matter of choice. Most of us here hesitate to answer a question of that kind, not because it is inappropriate, but because it is a question to be answered by a professional. It depends on the make up of the individual and it needs a hands on diagnosis in order to select the proper treatment. There is no magic answer as you will find out. Something of this sort needs to be evaluated by, as I mentioned before, someone who is well versed in selecting the proper treatment or steps to take. I am a former oxy addict and I can honestly say there is no set rules in treating anyone. We are all different metabolism wise and ," What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander," to use an old adage. So it is important that if you find yourself in a quandary that you seek expert help, but only if the methods you have tried are not working.
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Oh I don't think it's inappropriate at all! Not one bit. I did not go inpatient however... I did a taper at home on my own....and of course with this site. Is your daughter ready to get clean?

Best of luck to you and your family!

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I'm sorry  I certainly didn't mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  There seems to be a lot of pregnancy addiction advise and questions, and I understand those to be medical in every sense of the word, I guess I saw my question more of where is the most success, absolutely not anything to do with my daughters mental or physical well being, I do leave that to the docs.     Quite honestly,  my daughter has done  the in-patient 12 Step (not sure what the legit name is)  she relapsed,  she has a physciatrist and an addiction councelor  and I have a group of "experts" as well.  Unfortunatley not two experts seem to share the same opinion.   Like I said I am not so naive to think there is a magic wand,  if there were I would have found or bought it by now.

My daughter is going into a different treatment on the first,  this one is an adversion program,  and she actually made the arrangements,  She is agnostic, as am I,  just curious if anyone had used the adversion therapy before.

Thank you so much for your time.  JoAnn, once again, I'll hope for the best.  Thanks for your well wishes.
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I spent a year seeing a physiologist to work out issues from my past and present that were causing the need for escape it was the best thing I have ever done for myself.. I have tried in patient when I was young and it did nothing for me... This is the first time I have felt so good and not weighted down with guilt and other issues.. Hope this helps a little.. lesa
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Lesa,  Thank you for your comments.   Actually my daughter went into in-patient yesterday.......  she had the traditional 28 day  and  for her.......not saying this about anyone else......but for her,  it didn't quite work. She  has been working with a physciatrist & an addiction councelor,  but unfortunatley  with the oxy she is a great manipulator,  and has basically bs'd her way thru it.....She is very intelligent and what the drugs havent destroyed she can lie to the best of the proffessionals ...    except for that small factor of losing her quality of life, and nearly her life.       But thank you so much for the kind words,  it is those little things  that mean so much after a very long and emotional day.  My best to you,  Jeanette    

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I'm not sure what you mean by aversion therapy. If it's what I think it is, it's a bad idea, it rarely truly works.

I've done inpatient and the biggest problem is they don't really treat addiction, at all. What they tend to do is drop your dose down to zero, and then release you from the detox 12-24 hours after your last dose...which is right before you start to go into withdrawals.

Which is all but useless, if you ask me.

Keep in mind, there are better in patient detox's, but any detox that releases you like this without some form of after care, be it medication, therapy, or otherwise, is a waste of time and money.

28 days? What did they use to treat her?
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