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How do I join or follow communities

I cant figure out how to join communities.....  Would grealty appreciate some help on this :)
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This feature has been removed. It is up to you to go to each friends page and see if they have posted anything. I really do not know what the advantages of friending someone would be. But perhaps the friend feature is the  next feature to be removed.
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It's 2020, I have a friend's feed here.  It's under my tool bar.  They must have brought it back.  I like it to keep up with my friends on my list.  
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If you send an Friend Invitation, and the recipient Accepts you will see the comments, journals, notes etc that are being made to their feed. So please , feel free to Send an Invitation to anyone's whose work here you wish to  follow. Thanks for planning on helping out there. God Bless you.
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Hi!  It looks to me when I go to your profile page that you are a member of several communities including this one!  If you post on a new community, you will automatically join.  Let us know if you need more help or I am not fully understanding your question.  Thanks and good luck!
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