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Independence Day or 4th of July****

well I was playing hospital again and was to busy to get on my soapbox and wave the flag.........Independence Day --How many people thanked a Veteran? A group of Veterans under General George Washington bought our Liberties in 1776 -- -- --- Some with their lives. War hasnt changed dramatically ..............

I was with fellow Vets for our 4th celebration. POW/MIA bring them home or send us back!!   A military banquet followed some  volley ball and the lighting of our "watch fire"........

As you enter the banquet hall the thing that catches your eye is behind the speakers table on a raised dais.............its a small table set for one and barely large enough to hold the plate.......This signifies our brothers solitude.....the tablecloth is bleach white - ... a symbol of the purity of our intent. .There is a single plate with lemon slices on the plate -  - a symbol of the bitter incarceration of our brother.  A small pile of salt in the middle of the plate that symbolizes the tears shed both for and by the POW is all that is on the plate......... the glass remains inverted as we know that our brother will not be able to toast when we raise our own glasses to them ourselves tthis evening.    

Its a traditional military "celebration"  And Veterans have not stopped going POW/MIA since then - - - they bought you the freedoms that you enjoy on the 4th over 200 years ago and continue to do so to this day...............remember them on Veterans Day but also remember that they bought you more than one day of the year to enjoy the American way of a life of freedom and independence - - - its not a cheap purchase.
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there's a WWII vet who attends one of my favorite AA meetings. he's been clean for over 30 years but his message never gets old. he talks about his life during wartimes and it's like you are there. he has been everywhere and knows addicts in all walks of life. doctors,lawyers,priests, the list goes on and on. i was fortunate enough to thank him for his service to our beloved country. sway
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I'm very grateful for the many that did and very respectful/remorseful of the ones still missing and that payed the ultimate price for our Freedom.. Thank you Eagle it has been a honor to get to know a Hero.. gary joined the Veterans Hall here in town.. He was in the parade and all stood and clapped when they passed.. Everyday I walk pass our Flag and give Thanks :) It is good to see you post again. you are missed and hope you have no more Hospital stays for awhile ! love lesa
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I am very touched and happy that someone thanked your FIL - - and the planeful of individuals that joined in......thats the way it should be. There are still many WW2 vets around even though the number dwindles daily.......and they all deserve to be recognized- - - - - our rallying cry just before boarding a Huey was - "Every comes home!!"  
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Yes i did thank many vets that day......and i looked to the heavens that night and thanked my dad~~~~~~Hope all is well with you.      sara
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Yes...never a cheap purchase!!

This is a great post!  I'm a very sentimental patriot and I found it touching...

Almost all of the men in my family have served in the military. Almost all of them came home..

My father in law served in WW2 and was a fighter pilot,he flew P38"s and proudly wears his cap everyday.  Recently,I traveled with him to CA to attend a reunion. I've done this several times. But,this last time was especially sad because so many of the old gang
had passed away.  It was somber this last time and he spoke so much about the guys being forgotten by everyone.     Well,as we boarded the plane for our return flight, a
young guy noticed my father in laws' cap and asked "Excuse me,what was the name of your fighter group."  My FIL gave him a brief history and the young man stood up and said: "Sir,I'd like to salute you and thank you for your service".  He said this kind of loudly and other passengers heard and they began applauding this Veteran.  It was the most touching experience of my life...strangers,all of them,cheering an old hero.

There are,still, many thoughtful and kind- hearted patriots out there!

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