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Tourettes, heavy drug use, ADD/ADHD,

Just thought I'd ask on here (as well as the ADHD forum)...ok here's my situation...and wondering by chance if anyone might be able to shed some light on this for me...

Ok...My father has Tourettes...and has been a heavy drug user most of his life (Not in recent years now though)...he's told me he's done the hard stuff like heroin, acid (while constructing high story buildings!) and so on. He was a constant marijuana smoker, and i do believe he was smoking it when i was conceived. He also beat my mother while pregnant with me.

Does anyone know or think this would of had an effect on my development? My doctor is pretty sure i have ADD (i'm seeing a specialist in march about it). Also when my father went to get a diagnosis of tourettes with my mum many years ago they were told that it could come out in me or my sister as ADD or ADHD. He refused medication unfortunately which has caused me, my sister and my mother years of verbal abuse (and physical to my mother).

I have done a bit of research myself but if anyone knows anything i'd much appreciate it :)

Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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Thanks for that :) I guess i'll just have to wait it out til march and see what the specialist thinks.
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My 25 year old son has Tourette Syndrome,he has related behaviours as well ie:OCD,oppositional defiant behaviours,adhd,add,He also had problems with gross and fine motor skills,heightened senses,ie:touch,taste and smell,
20 years ago there wasn't that much research being done.
Tourettes can also skip generations,or come out in nieces,nephews,brothers or sisters,it is more prevalent in males,the likelihood of someone getting Tourettes depends if both parents carry the gene.

It was explained to me that there are 2 components to the gene,if one component is carried by one parent there is a 25% chance of a child having Tourettes,if both parents are carrying one component there is a 50% chance,and if one parent is carrying both components it is also a 50% chance,if both parents carry both components then it is 100%,this is how it was explained to me 20 years ago,they may have different ideas now.

There is a great book called Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders-By David Cummings,he is a Doctor who has Tourette Syndrome,It can answer all your questions.

Good Luck with finding your answers

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