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hi ho.......

hi ho
hi ho
it's off to the beach i go
i'll have some fun
while in the sun
hi ho...hi ho hi ho...hi ho

just heard from the realtor...I GOT THE BEACH HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

normally i am NOT a serious person...duh...but i am being serious now.  please pray for me :)  this is such an important step for me...as i have been co-dependant for toooooooooo many years to count.  i need this break from my boys...and i'm sure if you asked them...they need one from me too (hehehe).  this is going to be the hardest thing that i have EVER done...but i need to break the cycle...i need to find out who "I" really am.  i am just as much scared...as i am excited...but i am gonna do this :)
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WHOA you got a beach house. Are ya renting it for awhile? Remember i've been gone so fill me in woman.
p.s. i wanna go,i wanna go, please,please, i wanna go
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You're going to the beach again?  You might as well move there.
Love your friend,
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i AM moving there woman!

if you would stop hiding...you would know these things!!!!!!

hop...my hubby is taking a job in atlanta...and i do not want to go...lol.  he will be traveling ALOT...and i would be sitting there by myself.  so i am going to panama city beach.  i found a cottage that is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!  

come on down...we can have the reunion there...well NOT in my cottage...everyone wouldnt fit...but at the beach...lolol.  it's booking up fast...so you better give me a date...hehehehehe.
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